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Gemma North
3540 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Full Apartment
Property details
A GEM IN KTOWN, Gemma North has recently completed construction (2022) and is now ready for move-in! This building is the same property as Gemma South, the two buildings are right next to each other. All tenants have access to either building, so that everyone can enjoy the full scope of luxurious amenities this property has to offer! In the North Building are a multi-level gym, conference spaces, arcade room and much more. This building has 13 floors and 206 units, all with in-unit washer/dryer, fully equipped kitchen, and stunning city views. For some units, you can see the Hollywood sign! If you are looking for comfortable and leisurely living, look no further than Gemma KTown! For more information or to book a tour, please apply online now or contact us on weekdays at 213-392-8076!
Relax and get comfortable in your home with the following convenient amenities.
Bike Storage
Conference Room
Controlled Access
Fitness Center
Game Room
Grill Station
Irrigation System
1 Bed 1 Bath, 861 sq.ft
676 sq.ft
588 sq.ft
Rent From$2,399/month