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2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 009.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 025.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 028.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 012.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 010.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 019.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 021.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 020.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 022.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 011.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 017.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 016.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 014.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 023.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 002.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 015.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 003.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 018.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 008.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 024.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 005.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 006.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 007.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 004.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 013.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 001.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.40.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.40.20 PM.png
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 026.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 027.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 028.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 029.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 030.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 031.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 032.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 033.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 034.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 035.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 036.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 037.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 038.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 039.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 040.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 041.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 042.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 043.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 044.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 045.jpg
2972_West_7th_Street_Los_Angeles_CA_20220718 - 046.jpg
The Nexen
Full Apartment
Rent From$2,245/month
Property details
SPEICAL OFFER: 2 Months FREE with 15 Month Lease on Selected Units -FREE Parking for ALL Studio UnitS! -Up to 1-month FREE on a 15-month lease for Move in before 10/1 -Look & Lease Special! All units and All the time! Experience next level living at the brand new Nexen Apartments in Koreatown. From smart and efficient studio & 1 bedroom to thoughtful 1 bedroom plus den & 2 bedroom residences, there’s a contemporary floor plan for every lifestyle. As soon as you walk into the lobby, the stage is set for how Nexen’s amenity collection comes together. Inside, residents have access to savvy spaces where form and function lay the groundwork for whatever your day may bring. Outside, a multitude of outdoor spaces invite you to spread out, entertain and enjoy. Together, a welcoming retreat from the city’s energy that you simply won’t find anywhere else in Koreatown. HOME FEATURES: -High-end design appliances -Spacious fully equipped kitchens -Custom soft-close cabinetry and hardware -Under cabinet kitchen lighting -Modern quartz countertops -In-unit washer and dryer -Hardwood flooring -Backlit bath vanity mirror -Spacious walk-in closets (select units) -Generous storage throughout -Keyless door entry hardware -Ecobee smart thermostat RESIDENT AMENITIES: -Lobby lounge -Pool terrace with zero edge pool & spa -Styled co-working space with meeting room & lounge areas -Well-appointed resident recreation room -Convenient and fully equipped techno gym fitness center -Spacious outdoor view deck with lounge beds, cabanas & dining/BBQ area -Rooftop decks with lounge seating, outdoor dining, game area & outdoor grills -Parcel pending package room If you're interested, please contact us today! Visit our website: https://nexenapartments.com
Virtual Tour
Relax and get comfortable in your home with the following convenient amenities.
Club house
Fitness Center
1 Bed 1 Bath, 670 sq.ft
Studio, 710 sq.ft
1 Bed 1 Bath, 686 sq.ft