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1458 W 37th St
1458 W 37th St, Los Angeles, CA 90018
Shared Home
Property details
This is a new CO-LIVING apartment with 14 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms available in August. The unique design and layout of this community will ensure you have the best living experience! A shuttle bus is provided every day by Tripalink. A whole floor of common area!The building is equipped with surveillance cameras and smart locks, which creates a safe living environment for you. All units come with fully furnished, in-unit washer/dryer and utilities. If interested, please apply online now or call us at (424) 256-8558‬ on weekdays from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm PST.
Relax and get comfortable in your home with the following convenient amenities.
Controlled Access
In-Unit W/D
Island Table
On-Site W/D
Public Transportation

1460 W 37th St

18 Bed 18 Bath

1 room left only!