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Alexis Ancel

Average Price of a Four Bedroom Apartment in Irvine

The cost of rent for a four bedroom apartment in Irvine has increased considerably in recent years, currently averaging $4,250 according to Zumper. This is no surprise as rent in Irvine is always higher than the national average, with rent prices...

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Maya Rugama

The Best Clubs to Join at USC

With over 1000 clubs and organizations, it can be difficult to find the best clubs to join at USC. From pre-professional organizations to volunteering clubs, USC has options for a wide variety of interests. Clubs are a great way to meet other students...

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Alexis Ancel

Outdoor Activities in Irvine

There’s no shortage of fun and accessible outdoor activities in Irvine. From canyons and mountain hiking to small parks and pumpkin patches, the city is brimming with opportunities to experience the great outdoors no matter the season...

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Kassie Shanafelt

5 Outdoor Activities Near Philadelphia

So you’re looking for fun, outdoor activities near Philadelphia — and with good reason! According to Psychology Today, outdoor activities improve overall mental health and wellness and decrease the risk of anxiety, depression, and stress...

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Natasha Gabrielle

5 Great Outdoor Activities in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for outdoor activities in Pittsburgh, you’re in luck. By exploring Pittsburgh’s outdoors, you’ll be able to have fun, explore new areas, and get active. Plus, getting outdoors is a good way to eliminate stress! Check out some of our...

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Kristie Landing

Outdoor Activities in LA

When you’re in need of a break from city life, close the computer and try some of the incredible outdoor activities in and near LA. With perfect weather year-round, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas offer a spectacular landscape, ranging from...

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