Our Mission

To create a better living
space for Millennials

Our Story

Tripalink was founded in 2016 and has grown rapidly. We have created co-living communities in seven cities across the US and plan on expanding further to 30 cities. Tripalink hopes to enrich the lives of more college students and young professionals with our unique coliving model. We pride ourselves on helping Gen Z and Millenials find communities in their city.

Our Value

Customer Care

The central pillar of Tripalink’s value system is providing high-quality service and a smooth experience for our residents. In our daily decision-making process, the customer experience is always the first priority.


We strive to achieve higher productivity by improving workflow and communication efficiency. We proactively implement ideas and track the results and make sure that our decisions are data-driven.


Tripalink employees are enthusiastic about our business model and convey that in their service to tenants. We also design our apartments with enthusiasm and try to inspire community through both our architectural and interior design.


We never give up when we are confronted with challenges and difficulties. Instead, we try to find better solutions and remain true to our original aspirations.


Creative thinking with innovative ideas are always encouraged and considered. In the age of digitalization and globalization we embrace changes and are always looking for new opportunities to grow.


Since Tripalink is a startup, all employees have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek to own parts of our process, including the successes and mistakes. We are transparent about our business and understand that responsibility is part of leadership.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a quality living experience for 20,000 Millennials by building
mutually beneficial relationships with over 2,000 realtors, developers, and homeowners
and developing over 100 modern and affordable coliving properties.

Co-Living Keeps Growing As Tripalink Raises $10M At $100M Valuation

Tripalink, a Los Angeles-based real estate startup providing co-living space for students and young professionals, has raised a $10 million Series B at a $100 million valuation.


Founded by University of Southern California-Los Angeles (USC) graduates in 2016, Tripalink has grown rapidly. According to CEO Donghao Li, the company has been profitable since the year it was founded and tripled its revenue in 2018.

These LA Tech Companies Raised $241M in Funding Last Month

Tripalink’s $10 million funding round raised its valuation to $100 million, and this is its third round within the last 10 months, according to a press release. The company plans to use the funds to expand into more markets.

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