Living with Tripalink is cost-effective

Tripalink residents save hundreds of dollars a month on rent compared to typical apartments

* All Included



* Rent $2,420 + Utilities $50 + W/D $10 + Cleaning $50 + WIFI $70


We design comfortable apartments that help you find a community

We take care of all the details to help you move in, build friendships, and navigate day to day life with ease

Ready to Move In

All of our apartments are fully furnished so you’ll only have to bring your personal belongings, no dragging a couch up the stairs. It even includes the bedding!

Convenient Locations

Meet like-minded people in your city and create amazing memories together in your city.

High-tech Security

Tripalink implements state-of-the-art security systems so you can feel at safe in your apartment. Some of these technologies include fingerprints and Face-ID.

Create a Community

Tripalink offers opportunities to make friends with like-minded people. We offer a roommate matching service and events that allow you to meet people and have fun!

No New City Blues

Moving to a new place can be scary! You can hope that you’ll make friends through work or school, but it can be difficult to form meaningful connections. Tripalink offers a built in community.

Shared Interests

Through our roommate matching service, you’ll already have a lot of things in common with your new roommates. We match you with people based on interests, professions, and living preferences.

Connect via Fun Events

Tripalink hosts events to help you get to know your roommates and the other residents! These events vary from board games to yacht parties, so whether you’re looking for the chance to relax or party, we have an event you’ll enjoy!

Holiday Celebrations

If it’s difficult for you to see your family during the holidays, you can celebrate with your Tripalink community! We host events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Lunar New Year.

The Perfect Balance

If you enjoy socialization but also time to yourself, you’ll appreciate the fact that Tripalink offers the privacy of your own bedroom as well as shared spaces and events. Your bedroom also comes with a desk for working or studying at home.

Finding your new home?