Apartment and Home Design

Tripalink’s design team is dedicated to creating beautiful furnished apartments and co-living spaces for our members. These experts create apartments with pleasing layouts, furniture, decorations, and color-schemes. All of these facets come together to create an environment that will allow you to feel productive, connected, and inspired every day.

Designing student apartments
co-living home design furnished apartment design co-living home design


  • "I’ve met so many interesting people through Tripalink’s events! It has made it so much easier for me to make fun weekend plans. Tripalink offers the best of both worlds, opportunities to meet people outside of my classmates, and privacy when I need it."

    - Donte (Los Angeles, CA)

  • "Tripalink makes finding roommates so much better. Before I used to have to find strangers online, but Tripalink matched me with clean and courteous roommates that have become close friends. Tripalink also comes with great amenities and services. It’s better quality than my previous apartments but costs less!"

    - Jessica (Seattle, WA)

  • "The space is bright, airy and equipped with ultra-modern appliances and furniture that you’re unlikely to find outside of million-dollar high-rises. The location is easy to get anywhere! The bus station is closeby! Squirrel Hill is awesome place to live!"

    - Michael (Pittsburgh, PA)