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Tripalink began 2016 because our founder and CEO experienced the challenges of moving to a new city from another country.
We truly understand how important it is to find community and a safe, comfortable home quickly so you can settle down and start living your life after you move.
To become the first choice for renters looking for contemporary living.
To provide technology designed to make searching for a rental and the living experience more enjoyable for everyone.
Tripalink Company Values
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To continually improve, we have to walk in our customers’ shoes to understand their challenges. Always ask: Are we doing what’s best to help our customers?
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Embrace Innovation
Create new things when you see an opportunity, to achieve bigger goals.
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Be An Owner
Be proud of your work, and take responsibility for it. Never say, “that’s not my job".
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Always consider the outcome, and how it can benefit the customer and the company.
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Move Fast
Speed is key to winning a battle. Be thoughtful, but don't wait until next week to do something you could finish today.
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Happy Monday
Love what you do, and get excited about your work and the people you work with each day (even Monday!).
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