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Homes for rent near USC Campus

USC Off Campus Housing: Rooms & Apartments Near USC For Rent

Everything about USC off Campus Housing

The University of Southern California is the oldest private research-based institute located in the heart of St Los Angeles CA. Being the oldest in the town, Southern California University offers 300 programs to students around the globe. 

Need of Student Housings near USC

The University of Southern California offers graduate degree programs in medical, engineering, business, law, and many other fields. On average, this top-ranked university enrolls 19,500 undergraduates and 26,500 post-graduates from more than 115 countries, including the United States.

With a high number of students enrolling in the University of Southern California from far away, USC housing options for students and faculty members are essential. The first thing that students usually look for is on-campus housing. 

Tripalink will save you thousands on USC rental that is fully furnished and even includes a bed. You’re not only renting an apartment but becoming part of a community where you’ll make friends with like-minded people.  

Types of Housing, which one to choose

On-campus housing has its pros and cons, just like off-campus housing near USC. Let’s first unveil a few and find the best USC housing options for you. Afterward, we will walk through the process of getting the best housing. Each property for rent is fully furnished and includes a bed in every bedroom.

Contact us today for convenient, furnished apartments located in Los Angeles CA. Whether you need a studio apartment or one with 6 bedrooms, we got you covered.

Off Campus Housing

If you are worried about not having quality food nearby, a noisy environment, or getting stuck with a roommate matching that isn’t ideal, then you must consider living in student housing near USC. Let’s take a look at the benefits if you choose off campus housing.

Pros of Off Campus Housing near USC

Tripalink has many housing options for students wanting USC off campus housing. Email us today if you have any questions.


In on-campus housing, the biggest issue is privacy. Roommate matching to living with a different person every day or month can create stress. While living off campus at Tripalink, you have the choice to live alone or with another person. Meaning you can choose anyone as your partner, either classmate or a close friend. 

Quiet Environment

Living in apartments near USC allows you to stay away from the noisy environment of campus life. This will greatly benefit your studies as you’ll have less distractions as well. 

More Freedom 

While living in private apartments, the students can schedule their routines and study hours. They are free to leave or enter their bedrooms whenever they want without any hassle. While living on the USC campus, there are proper scheduled timing for everything. 

Quality Food

With USC off campus living, you have access to more quality food then what is given in college or University of Southern California. Off campus you have more variety and complete control over what you eat. On campus, the menu is usually issued by the college, so there’s a limited choice of food.   

Cons of Off Campus Housing near USC

As with all things there are some cons to living on your own, read more to see if you can handle it.

More Responsibility 

Living in student housing outside the University of Southern California at Los Angeles CA makes the student bear more responsibilities as they are usually on their own. 

A student living on their own at a private or USC rental location leaves a positive impact on their life because it creates maturity. They become more responsible and courageous to take over the challenges in their upcoming life.               



A major issue for some students living in off campus housing is to arrange for transportation. But usually, living on campus near the university has a transportation system or within walking distance to the campus.


When it’s your first time going to any off campus student housing, usually you need to buy new furniture or other necessities. But with Tripalink, that’s usually not the case. 

We will even provide you with a fully furnished room with all the amenities included. There’s also another option for a shared rental property with your friends and manage the one-time expenses quite easily. We also have unfurnished apartments for rent near the Koreatown and DTLA area if you are looking to furnish your own apartment. 

Cure for these Cons

There’s an amazing alternative to all the problems listed above, which is off campus housing with Tripalink.  

You might have tons of questions like where can I live, does USC pay for off campus housing, how much does it cost, are there any legal issues and if so what is the solution, and plenty of other questions. 

Tripalink offers the best property locations and apartments to ensure a smooth experience for you.  Let’s take a look and answer all the questions mentioned above. 

Where can I live off campus at USC?

While living at the University of Southern California, you can find plenty of great apartments and rental properties in the neighboring areas of USC in Los Angeles CA. From cheaper residences to fully furnished rooms with single or multiple bedroom options are available. 

In addition, this may be the better property option if you want a location near community centers. If you are looking for an amazing location with all the amenities included with affordable pricing, then you must consider Tripalink apartments. 

Tripalink offers spacious bedrooms with complete safety. Almost all Tripalink’s properties have security cameras and some of Tripalink’s apartments have smart locks where you can control the access through Tripalink App. The safety of our residents is our number one priority

With roommate matching, one can rest assured with all the living facilities available at Tripalink.                

Does USC offer off campus housing?

No, USC does not offer off campus housing but offers their students a housing facility. OCLNR deals with all issues, from finding property to joining a community or leasing agreement. 

But they do not recommend any services, as OCLNR is just helping the University of Southern California. 

Does USC pay for students’ off campus housing?

If you are getting financial assistance, then it might cover your room rent, but in most cases off campus housing is self-service, so USC doesn’t pay for it.

How much is USC off campus housing?

Pricing of our usc housing in Los Angeles CA depends on a few factors. Mainly on the location you choose and the room you take. Leasing or renting property takes some time. At Tripalink, we have housing options ranging from $900 to $2000, from studios, 1-2 bedrooms, 3-11 bedrooms, to a 24-bedroom unit. 

If you choose Tripalink, we do the hard work for you regarding furniture, utilities, social events, and shuttle bus service. You can have all the details of living with us in just one call or email within a few hours. 

You might be thinking about which option is best for you in terms of rent and other expenses, so let’s answer this one first.  

Is off campus housing cheaper than on campus?

The answer is yes because Tripalink is budget friendly. In most cases, people think on-campus housing is a cheaper alternative to off campus communities. But if you choose places like Tripalink, your room rent and overall pricing will be cheaper than on-campus housing. 

The prices are affordable and Tripalink has endless options for students. So, when it comes to price, then off-campus housing with us is the best option. 

You can find a fully furnished private bedroom with an attached bathroom around $1250 with all utilities included.

Contact Tripalink today to learn more about our university park and the furnished apartments for leasing, parking, and the amazing amenities. Contact us anytime if you have questions about a particular property and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Where do most students live at USC?

Most of the USC students prefer living outside campus along with other residents in the city. A major chunk of students prefer fully furnished rooms with a bed while others may search for a closer location to USC campus. 

When the enrollment of USC is too high, some USC students will find a property in the Koreatown or DTLA area to a little bit far from the campus life but stay closer to the city center.

The Bottom Line

Life at college and university is going to be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life so having the perfect apartment is a must. The best option for USC students to truly enjoy life is to go for a location that suits all weather conditions, whether it's summer, spring, or winter. 

If you have any questions about property, rent, studio, apartments with multiple bedrooms, parking, residents or leasing, email our staff and we will get back to you quickly. 

Get information about any residence by phone or email. 

The Ultimate Solution

Tripalink can be your long-term partner because it has been trusted by the community of USC students for many years. Simply reach out to us via submitting a form on our website directly and get all the details within minutes.

Each property at Tripalink offers amenities such as furnished apartments, convenient locations, top-of-the-line security features and parking. Check the links above for an apartment for rent near USC. Every property is move-in ready with a bed and high-end kitchen appliances.  

Contact our university park today for fully furnished studio apartments near Los Angeles CA with amazing residents. 

Frequently asked questions about USC

When will the payment be due?

Deposit will be due within 48 hours after signing the lease. Monthly rent will be due on the first day of each month.

Move in cost=Deposit+ one full month rent amount

What’s the screening process and requirements?

Application fee is $36 per person for the credit check and background check. Tenants need a credit score above 650 to be qualified or need to have cosigners with credit score over 650 in order to qualify.

If I am an international student, I do not have a credit score, do I still qualify? The answer is yes! For international students, please make sure you provide us the copy of your passport, visa page, I20, and bank statements. Be sure to check with your leasing agent regarding your leasing policy.

If I am an international student, I do not have a credit score, do I still qualify?

The answer is yes! For international students, please make sure you provide us the copy of your passport, visa page, I20, and bank statements. Be sure to check with your leasing agent regarding your leasing policy.

Are utility fees included in the rent?

Most of our properties provide $100 utilities Cap per person per month. Be sure to check with your leasing agent for utilities coverage!

Do you need to open any water, electricity or internet accounts by yourself?

You do not need to open any utility accounts, Tripalink will be doing that for you! We will also include more details in your move in instructions.

What is renter's insurance? Do I need to buy renter's insurance?

All apartments require insurance as a way to protect your rights! The main purpose of renter's insurance is to ensure that if there is a water leak, fire, etc., you will not suffer financial loss. Loss of belongings is also covered by renters insurance! When obtaining renters insurance, be sure you understand what specifically is covered by the insurance.

How do I pick up the keys to my apartment?

If your property is fully equipped with smart locks, the code will be sent to your email around noon time on your lease start date. If your property needs key access, you need to come to the leasing office to pick up the keys, so be sure to check our office hours ( 10:00 Am to 6:00 PM). For off hours check in, please send email to member@triplaink.com to request off hour lock box service. More move-in details can be found in your move-in instructions!

When will I receive the move-in instruction?

We typically send out the move in instruction 2 weeks before your lease start date. Be sure to check your email and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What should I do if the facilities in the room are broken (e.g. the toilet is clogged)? Who usually pays for this repair?

You can submit maintenance requests in the Appfolio portal, and property managers will schedule a time window with you regarding the repair. . If it's normal tear and wear, the costs is on us, if the issue is caused by the tenant's improper use, then there will be maintenance fee.

If I have a friend looking for housing, what’s the referral policy?

Prospective tenants must mention the current tenant's name as how they heard about us upon their initial visit. The new resident must sign a minimum 6-month lease term and both residents must be in good standing during the initial residency period. Referral credits are applied after the new tenant signed the leasing agreement and completed the deposit payment. Tripalink offers $100-$200 referral credits depending on the property.