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Move to Tacoma, WA: A City on the Rise

As the smaller sister counterpart to Northern Seattle, Tacoma, WA, has plenty of features and options to offer. There are plenty of reasons to look for studio apartments for rent near Tacoma! This port city sits at the bottom of the beautiful Puget Sound and is just 32 miles southwest of Seattle. Tacoma is 31 miles North of the state capital, Olympia, and about 60 miles northwest of Mount Rainier National Park. Tacoma, WA, is also just 20 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac), making it a convenient place to live for those who need or like to travel.

History of Tacoma, WA

Tacoma earned its spot on the map when it came to its deep-water harbor, Commencement Bay, which made it easy to transport goods from the railroad. It was an industrial landmark for many years and is now on the rebound to make Tacoma a showstopper itself. Tacoma reported that more than $1 billion is being invested in the downtown Tacoma area to revitalize and upgrade the amenities and options for residents.

Population & People

Tacoma, WA, covers a vast area of over 63 square miles of land and water with over 220,000 residents. It is the second largest city in the Puget Sound area and the third-largest in the state. What was once a smaller known version on the way to Seattle has become a strong and vibrant hub in its own rite. Many Tacoma residents are families that rent and live together in a home or apartment. Tacoma neighborhoods are filled with about 30% of homes that have children. The average household size is 2.44 people, and the average age of a typical Tacoma resident is 35 years old. The households include a broad mix of races, including 64% white, 12% black, 6% Asian, and over 10% of households have more than one race.

Top Tacoma, WA Employers

When you rent a studio apartment in Tacoma, you'll want access to the top employers in the area! Many employers are located within and near Tacoma and the surrounding areas because of the combined access to Seattle with room to spread out. The top employer in Tacoma is the Lewis-McChord air base, with many residents working for the government or serving in the military. The MultiCare Health System and the State of Washington are other big employers in the area as well.

Parks & Recreation

Tacoma’s location on the banks of the Puget Sound lends to plenty of opportunities for studio residents to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. As one of the largest urban parks in the country, Point Defiance Park includes 700 acres of beautiful scenery. Wapato Park circles a lake and sits on the southern end of Tacoma. Wright Park, located near downtown, is an English-style park with plenty of trees and green space that lends itself well to events and festivals. The people of the Pacific Northwest are known for their ability to get outdoors and create safe spaces for everyone to enjoy. Tacoma features Ruston Way, a multi-use two-mile trail that connects many parks and areas for residents to check out. Walkers, runners, and cyclists enjoy the paved path, and it is a great way to explore the urban areas and the beautiful views along Commencement Bay. A unique feature of living on the colder Puget Sound waters is that there are beach parks to enjoy despite the cloudy weather. Titlow Beach is one of those areas that offer a scuba diving area to residents and visitors who are certified.

Try Unique Restaurants in Tacoma, WA

The PNW provides plenty of options for curating a tasty meal. Area chefs and restaurateurs can pull from the vast growing season with farm-to-table options and fresh produce year-round. The Puyallup Valley near Tacoma is one of the top producers of fresh ingredients to area restaurants, and it is easy to taste the difference locally sourced food can make! Some of the top restaurants in Tacoma sit right outside your apartment and include the humble Sushi Tama, which features a mom-and-pop spot with simple and delicious sushi options. The area is well known as a top spot for breweries, making Peaks and Pints a go-to place for anyone who wants to try a new beer along with hand-crafted sandwiches. Those wanting something a bit more spicy should check out The Church Cantina, located in South Tacoma, which features a mix of Cuban and Latin-inspired dishes that are sure to wake up taste buds. Sunday Brunch enthusiasts should look no further than Gilman House, a staple in brunch offerings with flaky biscuits that are to die for! Bob's Bar-B-Q Pit is a time-honored sport that has been in business since 1948 and is still family-owned and operated, featuring ribs, pulled pork, and chopped beef with all of the sauces.

Tacoma, WA Housing Options

As a large city on the rise, Tacoma offers plenty of apartments for rent for new residents. However, finding the right rent in Tacoma, WA, can be a bit tricky. From studio to one-bedroom apartments to homes with multiple bedrooms, there is something for everyone to rent in this great metropolis.

Studio Apartments in Tacoma, WA

Many students and young professionals choose to rent studio apartments when just starting out. While a studio doesn't offer a ton of room, studio apartments offer affordable rent and are often located in upbeat and interesting areas of Tacoma. While most studio apartments for rent include just a small room with basic amenities, other studio options offer lofted areas to maximize the living space. Ellis Apartments are just that type of unique studio option that features a lofted bed area, instantly making the overall unit feel larger with taller ceilings than most studio apartments for rent. Pets are an immense love of Tacoma, WA residents, and a studio at Ellis Apartments allows dogs and cats to join you on your big city adventure! Just pay a pet deposit and low monthly pet rent to have your pet join you in your studio. How great is that?

The monthly rent for a loft studio apartment at Ellis Apartments ranges from $1,200-$1,700. There are different studio floor plans to choose from, as well as added options like patio and balcony units that increase the overall living space. These outdoor areas also offer a quiet place to drink that coveted Seattle area coffee or watch a rainstorm pass by from the safety of your studio. Another perk of Ellis Apartments is that every studio unit has a fully equipped kitchen with appliances and in unit washer and dryer to make life more convenient. There are also places to hang out with friends and neighbors in the community flex rooms, fitness center, and rooftop deck to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Mount Rainier that are all included in the rent.

What are you waiting for? Tacoma, WA, is the new place to be, and Ellis Apartments are the first of many buildings helping revitalize this beautiful area. As a brand new building with apartments for rent, you could be the very first person to ever live in your loft rent studio! Beautiful finishes, hardwood floors, and added amenities like an in unit washer and lofts make renting an apartment an easy choice. When you are checking out an apartment for rent near Tacoma, there is no better place to start than with the gorgeous and unique lofts studio units at Ellis Apartments! Contact us today to see what a studio loft is in Tacoma Seattle and to make a studio your new home!

Frequently asked questions about Tacoma

When will the payment be due?

We ask for prepaid last month's rent after you sign the lease in 48 hours, first month's rent and $1000 deposit will be due on your move in date!

Do all rooms come furnished in Ellis?

Ellis Apartments provides both furnished and unfurnished options for you to choose! It is best to check carefully what furniture is included.

What’s the screening process and requirements?

We require all tenants and cosigners to apply, the application fee is $50 per person for the credit check. All residents must have a credit score above 625, cosigners must have a credit score above 675 in order to qualify.

If I am an international student, I do not have a credit score, do I still qualify?

The answer is yes! For international students, please make sure you provide us the copy of your passport, visa page, I20, and bank statements. For J1 visa holders, please provide your DS2019 along with your application!

Are utility fees included in the rent?

Typically, all apartment prices on rental websites do not include utilities fees. It will be tenant pay utilities. Be sure to check with the leasing agent, how much is utility on average.

Do you need to open any water, electricity or internet accounts by yourself?

You do not need to open any utility accounts, Tripalink will be doing that for you! We will also include more details in your move in instructions.

What is renter's insurance? Do I need to buy renter's insurance?

All apartments require insurance as a way to protect your rights! The main purpose of renter's insurance is to ensure that if there is a water leak, fire, etc., you will not suffer financial loss. Loss of belongings is also covered by renters insurance! When obtaining renters insurance, be sure you understand what specifically is covered by the insurance.

Is the area around the apartment safe?

I'm sure everyone is very concerned about the security system of the apartment and the safety of the neighborhood, so before choosing an apartment, you can ask about the combination locks, such as whether you need to enter the apartment by entering the code or need to sense the code key to enter? Is the apartment monitored? If so, the security factor will be greatly increased.

How do I pick up the keys to my apartment?

You have to go to the leasing office to pick up the keys, so be sure to check their office hours. Of course, if there are special circumstances (such as arriving in Tacoma in the early morning, etc.) remember to contact the apartment in advance to see if the apartment has a solution. Otherwise, you should contact your friends in advance to pick up the keys, or stay at a friend's house for one night! More move-in details can be found in your move-in instructions!

When will I receive the move-in instruction?

We typically send out the move in instruction 2 weeks before your lease start date. Be sure to check your email and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What should I do if the facilities in the room are broken (e.g. the toilet is clogged)? Who usually pays for this repair?

You can submit maintenance requests, and the apartment will schedule and then come to your home to repair the problem. If it's normal tear and wear, the costs are on us, if the problem is caused by the tenant, then it is paid by the tenant.

If I have a friend looking for housing, what’s the referral policy?

Prospective residents must mention the current resident’s name as how they heard about us upon their initial visit. The new resident must sign a minimum 12-month lease term and both residents must be in good standing during the initial residency period. Referral credits are applied after the new resident moves in. Tripalink offers $100-$300 referral credits depending on the apartment building.

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