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We provide full-service design, construction, property management, and maintenance through co-living communities. 

10,000 +

Number of bedspaces

99.5 %

Occupancy rate

115 %

Return on investment

Tripalink's Role in the Partnership

Tripalink’s team of design experts work smartly together in project development and property management to develop modern and beautiful living communities Incorporating the co-living concept, Tripalink designs, operates, leases and manages both single-family and multi-family properties and apartments catering to millennials’ needs. Whether you want to upgrade your building, or you need us to help you start a brand-new project, or just want to invest in one of our existing projects, work with us to achieve higher returns!

Data-Driven Partnership

We vet potential partners to make sure that it will be a mutually beneficial relationship

Building Transformation

We use user data to smartly design the homes to fit resident’s needs

Tripalink Property Management

Tripalink handles property management, utilities, security, and building activities

Why Partner With Tripalink

Our different collaboration methods and a scalable business model guarantee you a win-win future in real estate development.

20% higher rental income

On average, homeowners and developers
boost their income at least by 20% after
partnering with Tripalink

0% Vacancy Rate 

We guarantee each of your properties
a 100% occupancy rate and eliminate
vacancy risks for you

Reliable and trustworthy

Founded in 2016, Tripalink has already secured
$20 million funding at a $100 million valuation,
and is holding $60 million REITs

Property Management Partner Business Cases


Situated at the center of the lively University District neighborhood, Thirty-one is a vibrant and light-luxury studio apartment built for young professionals and college students. It is surrounded by iconic Seattle landmarks and within walking distance of the University of Washington.

Partner Commbes Development

Traditional units 31

Neighborhood University District

Co-living beds 31

Open date 2019

Total beds 31


Fifty-two is a vibrant apartment in Seattle. Tripalink did the interior design and continues to maintain the property management. It's in a beautiful location that offers an extraordinary view of Mountain Rainier and the Cascade Mountains.

Partner University Flat LLC

Traditional units 52

Neighborhood University District

Co-living beds 52

Open date 2019

Total beds 52

Colby at Ohio

Located in West Los Angeles, Colby at Ohio is one of our most popular co-living residential communities for young professionals and students due to its modern design and safe neighborhood.

Partner Wiseman Residential

Co-living units 56

Neighborhood Sawtelle

Co-living beds 224

Open date 2020

Total beds 224


Beloit is a co-living apartment complex with a perfect location tailored for young professionals working in the West Los Angeles area. The beautiful views and peaceful neighborhood make living there an incredible experience. Partner: Wiseman Residential

Partner Wiseman Residential

Co-living units 63

Neighborhood Sawtelle

Co-living beds 252

Open date 2020

Total beds 252


Perfectly situated in Central LA, Kenmore is in the Koreatown neighborhood which is known as one of the most vibrant and convenient places in Los Angeles. Living in Kenmore, residents can easily get around LA and explore this beautiful city.There are dozens of restaurants and things to do in the Koreatown neighborhood that cater to young people.

Partner Jamison Properties

Traditional units 52

Neighborhood Koreatown

Co-living beds 55

Open date 2020

Total beds 55

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