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  • Where to Live Near Campus as a Drexel or UPenn Student

    While most underclassmen at Drexel and UPenn tend to live in college dorms on campus, upperclass students often head off campus to have more freedom. No matter which school you attend in Philadelphia, PA, finding rental housing is a top priority that will need to be sorted out before the fall term begins. You’ll have enough new things to deal with without having to worry about your housing, which is why it’s essential to do your research ahead of time.

    To help you make the right decision on rental housing for Drexel and UPenn students in Philadelphia, PA, we’re answering all your questions!

    Drexel University Off Campus Housing in Philadelphia, PA: What to Consider

    Drexel University is located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, with lots of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options on its doorstep. As a result, finding rental housing isn’t too difficult if you know where to look.

    Does Drexel University Have an Off Campus Housing Property?

    Drexel does not provide off campus university housing for students in Philadelphia, PA, so if you would like to live away from the hustle and bustle of campus, then you’ll need to rent an apartment, shared house, or a co-living property on your own.

    Where Do Drexel University Students Live?

    Popular off campus apartments include the Park Towne Place Apartments, SOLO on Chestnut, The Mason on Chestnut, and Luxor Lifestyle Apartments. While these are close to campus, you’ll get a better rent price, more space, and more of a homey feel from a co-living property. For example, the rent for an apartment at complexes like the Park Towne Place Apartments starts at $1,234 for a studio and only goes up from there. By comparison, you can rent a bedroom in a Tripalink co-living house for under $500 and still be close to campus.

    Is Drexel in a Safe Area?

    Drexel is located in downtown Philadelphia, PA, a major city that does have a level of crime. While the campus is patrolled and University City is pretty safe, it’s important that students living nearby take precautions when it comes to their living spaces. This includes having a security system or alarm on their house or apartment, which is included with every Tripalink co-living property near campus.

    Where Should I Live Near Drexel University Campus?

    Without a doubt, you’ll find the best amenities for the best rent price at Tripalink’s co-living properties in Philadelphia, PA. Tripalink has numerous houses in Philadelphia, PA, all located within University City to make commuting to campus easy. At any of these co-living properties, you’re close enough to walk to school.

    University of Pennsylvania Off Campus Housing in Philadelphia, PA: What to Consider

    If you’re a student at UPenn ready to start your search for off-campus housing, we’ve made it easy for you to find the best property to live in. Read on to see frequently asked questions and expert tips on finding housing.

    Where do UPenn Students Live Off-Campus?

    Students looking for apartments for rent near the UPenn campus typically choose the University City area for its affordability, proximity to campus and vibrant neighborhood. Some may choose to live in Center City, which is a large and diverse area of Philly with a lot of housing options.

    Does UPenn Require You to Live on Campus in a School Property?

    If you are a freshman or sophomore, you will be required to live in a campus property at UPenn. Once you are a junior, you can live off campus, including in Tripalink co-living properties.

    Where Should I Live Near the University of Pennsylvania?

    While there are lots of apartments near the UPenn campus, they can be costly and cramped for students who are longing to have more space. Instead, consider a Tripalink property in University Village. Tripalink co-living properties include your own bedroom and bath along with shared communal spaces, like a high-end kitchen.

    What Types of Student Housing are Available to Students at UPenn?

    As a freshman or sophomore at UPenn, you will live in one of the twelve undergraduate College Houses or Sansom Place, an on campus property. Upperclassmen will be able to move off campus and find non-student housing options in Philadelphia, PA.

    Living in University City

    Nestled in the heart of West Philadelphia, PA, University City has the ultimate college town feel with world-class university campuses, restaurants, cafes, and museums buzzing with students and young professionals. You get the hustle and bustle of the exciting city life while also experiencing a youthful and college-centric vibe. The opportunities for fun are endless in University City and with so many students in the area, it’s a great place to meet new friends and make connections as you start your adult life.

    Why Choose a Tripalink Co-Living Property?

    Tripalink has many rental options for those looking for apartments near the UPenn and Drexel campuses. At a Tripalink property, students and young professionals can look forward to having their own fully furnished private bedroom and bathroom with amenities like utilities, a roommate matching program, a high-end kitchen and weekly cleanings included in the rent. Tripalink makes finding apartments for rent near UPenn and Drexel effortless!

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