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437 N Wiota St
Shared Home
Rent From$475/month
Property details
Welcome to this convenient apartment, located right at University City! This property has a 1B1B, 2B1B, 3B1B, 4B2B and 5B2B units within walking distance to many restaurants and stores, including Bistro Perrier, Louie Louie, Lululemon, Loft, Federal Donuts, and Urban Outfitters. Also within walking distance of UPenn and Drexel, and just across the bridge from center city. Enter through a private gate for the security. All unit has in-unit laundry and A/C, and already furnished for you to move in.
Relax and get comfortable in your home with the following convenient amenities.
In-Unit W/D

Unit 1L

5 Bed 2 Bath

2 rooms left only!

Unit 202

3 Bed 1 Bath

2 rooms left only!

Unit 3L

4 Bed 2 Bath

3 rooms left only!