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  • Apartments in Downtown Seattle

    Seattle, WA, is a leading hub for technology jobs and home to household names like Starbucks, Nordstrom, Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Boeing. Best of all, there are tons of options for students looking for apartments in Seattle. Students and young professionals can find apartments for rent near Downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill. 

    Apartments in these neighborhoods offer easy access to Seattle’s vibrant social scene, culinary experiences, outdoor exploration, and more. They are close to the University of Washington (UW), Seattle University (SU), Seattle Central College (SCC), and Seattle Pacific University (SPU).

    Is it Expensive to Live in Downtown Seattle? 

    Seattle’s cost of living is higher than the national average. However, there are tons of affordable options for students in Downtown Seattle. Students can find cozy studio apartments a mile or two from UW, SU, SCC, or SPU. Some options are close to the headquarters of top employers in the Pacific Northwest, including Amazon and Microsoft. 

    As a student or young professional, renting these apartments will eliminate the hassle and costs of traveling to and from campus or work. Although living in downtown Seattle is expensive, there are so many ways for Millennials and Gen Z to cut costs and live comfortably within their means. 

    Are There Apartments for Young Professionals with Families?

    Seattle has something for everyone. It is one of the most educated US cities. As home to several Fortune 500 giants, this city offers tons of job opportunities for young professionals. 

    In the past few years, Seattle recorded a boom in rental apartments for young professionals with families. There are several apartments for rent designed to meet the needs of young families, married students, and single-parent students. Young professionals with kids can find good schools, children’s hospitals, groceries, and social amenities in Seattle, WA

    What Amenities are Included?

    Most apartments for rent in Seattle offer on-site laundry, refrigerator, bike storage, and utilities. Some locations have parking, microwave oven, and Wi-Fi. All these amenities are included at no additional cost. Note that some neighborhoods are more affordable and better suited for students and young working families than others. 

    Work Hard, Play Hard at Kulle Urban Living

    Along Bellevue Ave, Seattle, WA, Kulle Urban Living sits at the intersection of work and play. This ultra-modern apartment is located in Capitol Hill, a mile away from Amazon headquarters. It is the perfect neighborhood for students and young professionals working or interning at the eCommerce giant. 

    At Kulle Urban Living, you’ll find 160SF-312SF apartments for rent with spectacular views. Residents have easy access to downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, SU, UW, SCC, and more! This neighborhood’s fast-paced social environment strikes the perfect balance between work and play. 

    Taste Seattle’s Vibrant Nightlife from Jupiter Apartments 

    Capitol Hill is known for its diversity and vibrant nightlife, ideal for social butterflies. This trendy neighborhood is home to SCC and about 2.5 miles from UW, 1.1 miles from SU, and 3.5 miles from SPU. Students who are hunting for spacious living quarters can find 227SF-340SF units at Jupiter Apartments in Capitol Hill. 

    Jupiter Apartments is ideal for young professionals working at Amazon or around Seattle. This neighborhood offers limitless opportunities to socialize and make new friends, with trendy bars and tons of concerts and parties. At Jupiter Apartments, you can taste the city’s vibrant social scene from your loft.  

    The Best of Both Worlds: Vistana 

    Queen Anne offers tons of social activities, outdoor adventures, and culinary experiences. This neighborhood is home to SPU and about 3.8 miles from UW, 2.6 miles from SCC, and 3.2 miles from SU. In lower Queen Anne, Vistana provides studio apartments along 3rd Ave N, Seattle. 

    Students enrolled at SPU, UW, SCC, and SU can find 160SF-290SF studios at Vistana, with breathtaking views of the Space Needle downtown. This complex is close to Amazon, Microsoft, and downtown Seattle, ideal for young professionals. Stop by Parsons Gardens after class or work to unwind. Or indulge in local culinary experiences at the Queen Anne Farmers’ Market. Note that apartments in this neighborhood are highly demanded, so rents may be on the pricier side. 

    Boost Productivity in the U-District

    Living close to campus is an effective way to boost productivity. The U-District is home to the University of Washington and is famous for its vibrant college life. This neighborhood provides several options close to UW. The newly-built U20 Apartments nurtures a sense of community, with a communal lounge and courtyard for residents to socialize and make new friends. It is the perfect home away from home. 

    UW students can also find green urban studios for rent along 18th Ave NE and single-occupancy units on 20th Ave NE in the U-District. These apartments are located a few blocks from UW, University Village, and The Ave. Now, UW students don’t have to waste time on the road to and from campus.  

    Striking the Study-Play Balance at Novo Seattle 

    Nestled between the U-District and Green Lake, Novo  strikes the perfect study-play balance. It is one of the best options for outdoorsy and hardworking UW students. You can focus on your studies on weekdays and immerse yourself in adventurous outdoor experiences around Green Lake Park over the weekend. 

    Residents of Novo Seattle get a separate room with a fitness center and luxuries like seating around a fire pit and BBQ grills. This beautifully designed apartment also offers a spacious rooftop deck with spectacular panoramic views of the neighborhood. 

    Budget-Friendly Living around the U-District

    The U-District is the most popular neighborhood for students, with over 45% of residents in their 20s. UW students can find spacious and budget-friendly apartments for rent in this district. At 4735 21st Ave NE, the Alta micro-apartments offer affordable studios for students only two blocks away from the UW campus! 

    Residents of Alta enjoy easy access to some of the best restaurants and cafes around the U-District. Sophie microstudios along 21st Ave NE also allows UW students to exploit the advantages of living close to campus. There are many more budget-friendly options around the U-District. 

    Get in Touch with Mother Nature

    Green Lake is a paradise for adventurous souls. This laid-back neighborhood is only a 10-minute drive away from downtown Seattle, is ideal for young professionals with families. Maude Urban Living along NE 67th Street offers the opportunity to get in touch with Mother Nature. 

    Maude Urban Living is close to Green Lake Park and Cowen Park and a few miles from the UW campus. Residents get home appliances, on-site laundry, and furnished single bedrooms. This chic studio apartment also offers easy access to hiking, picnicking, kayaking, and boating around Green Lake. 

    What are the Benefits of Renting these Apartments?

    When hunting for an apartment for rent in Seattle, analyze the cost and benefits. Renting these apartments offers several benefits for students. 

    Renting your own place enhances flexibility and independence. You’re free to pursue happiness and choose the best neighborhood to meet your unique needs. If you’re a social butterfly, find a studio apartment in Capitol Hill or Queen Anne to live right at the center of the city's social scene. Laid-back young professionals will enjoy quiet and mature neighborhoods in downtown Seattle

    Seattle apartments come in a wide range of sizes, from single bedrooms to lofts, studios, and three bedrooms. Students enrolled at UW, SU, SCC, SPU, and other campuses can rent a three-bedroom apartment with friends to cut costs. It can also help students create a tight-knit community and the perfect home away from home.

    These apartments provide more opportunities to socialize and build long-lasting relationships and connections. Living at the center of the action allows students and young professionals to mingle and rub shoulders with decision-makers in Fortune 500 companies. Informal connections play a critical in career-building. 

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