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​How To Find An Apartment Near CMU

​How To Find An Apartment Near CMU

Wendy Alinor
Oct 4, 2022

Starting your second year at Carnegie Mellon University you become eligible to live off campus. There are a variety of apartments near CMU to consider when moving off campus. We’ll give you ways to find housing near campus, a checklist to keep in hand when you’re on your search, and feature some off campus apartments you can rent near Carnegie Mellon University. 

What to Know Before Moving Off Campus

Before you start your search to find an apartment near CMU here are some things to keep in mind before you start your apartment search. 

Budget. Take into consideration that you’ll be paying rent monthly so you need to account for how much you can afford for a lease. You’ll also need money for the application fee, and a deposit if you’re approved for the apartment. 

Utilities. Water may be included in your monthly rent but electricity and internet may not be so this is something else to take into consideration when it comes to your budget. 

Will you live alone or have roommates? Splitting rent with roommates can help lower utilities. 

Transportation. Public transportation is always available if you don’t have a car but it does limit how far you can move away from campus. Consider transportation to campus and factor parking and walking to class into your commute. 

How Can I Find Off Campus Apartments?

Searching for your first apartment can be a very daunting task but don’t worry we’ll give you some resources to help you get started. One thing you should think about is what type of housing you see yourself in. You can choose to rent a private room, get a studio apartment, an apartment with roommates, or a house with roommates. 

Off Campus Housing Marketplace for CMU Students 

The CMU housing marketplace is a great place to start if you’re looking for housing off campus. You can post a listing and look through different types of rentals through different filters on the website. Using the housing marketplace website is a guaranteed way to be near the CMU campus, you can also expect easy access to public transportation and the university shuttle services. 

Neighborhoods near campus include Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill. You can start your search in those areas for your apartment search. It’s recommended that students start their apartment search in October for the following year, so make sure to start with the housing marketplace to see if any listings come up that you may be interested in. 

Use Apple or Google Maps 

One thing you can do to help you get started is to use the map services on your smartphone or on a computer. Just type in “apartments” with the location you want in the search bar and see what comes up in the results. You’ll be able to see current reviews from residents, the star rating, and the hours of operation for the leasing office. You can then narrow down your choices and schedule tours to get a closer look at the building.

We suggest finding four to five apartment buildings that you love and scheduling a tour with the leasing office or private renter. 

Questions to Ask The Leasing Office

What’s included in the lease? This is the time to ask if utilities are included in your monthly rent. 

Are there individual leases? It may be a good idea to have individual leases if you have roommates so you aren’t liable if they are behind with their share. 

What if I need to break my lease? 

How much does rent increase each year? This can help you with your budget to see if it’s an apartment you see yourself staying in through the rest of your academic career. 

Are there plans to renovate the apartment anytime soon?

How are repairs handled? Is maintenance 24 hours? 

Is there assigned parking? If so, where do guests park? 

Under what circumstances will I not get my security deposit back?

When is rent due? 

How do I pay rent and what payment methods do you accept? 

What is the late fee policy? This is great to know just in case you don’t make the rent by the due date. 

Apartments You Can Rent Near Carnegie Mellon University 

Here are some apartments to take a look at near Carnegie Mellon University.


Rent: $750 to $2335

Studio apartments, one to two bedrooms 

Utilities included in rent:






24-hour emergency maintenance 

On bus line 

Bakery Living

Rent: $2350 to $3905

One to bedrooms

No utilities are included in the monthly rent. 

Washer and Dryer

Private balcony 

24-hour emergency maintenance services

Wi-Fi in the common area

Webster Hall Apartments

Rent: $1157 to $2497

Studio apartments, one to three bedrooms 

Utilities included in rent:


Pest Control


On-site laundry 

24-hour emergency maintenance services

On bus line 

Covered parking

Oak Hill Apartments 

Rent: $1415 

This is a one bedroom apartment community. 

Utilities included in rent:

Pest control

Snow removal


Window treatments

24-hour maintenance services 


On bus line

Computer lab

Laundry room 

Window treatment coverings

Controlled building access 

300 - 306 Craft

Rent: $1199 - $1850

One to bedrooms

Utilities included in rent:



Water Sewer


Private balcony

On bus line

The laundry center is on site

Union on 5th Avenue

Rent: $1070 - $1350 (rent is per person only here)

Studio apartments to three bedrooms

No utilities are included in the monthly rent.

Outdoor bike storage

The bedrooms are keyed separately because of individual leases. 



24-hour emergency maintenance 

Washer and dryer

Security cameras on site

What Do I Need on My Checklist For Moving?

Now that you’ve figured out where you’re going to live for the next year then it’s time to put together a list of what you’ll need. Some things may not apply to you but is good to keep them in mind. 

Bedroom Essentials 

  • Mattress

  • Bed frame 

  • Pillows

  • Dressers

  • Comforters

  • Window treatments

  • Lamps

  • Lightbulbs

Living Room Essentials 

  • Couch. If you have roommates then maybe you can split the cost. 

  • Coffee table 

  • Television

  • Window treatments 

  • Entertainment center

  • Indoor plants

Bathroom Essentials

  • Shower curtain 

  • Shower curtain liner

  • Shower curtain hooks

  • Hand towels

  • Toilet paper

Kitchen Essentials 

  • Pots and pans

  • Plates and bowls

  • Cooking utensils 

  • Cutlery. This includes knives, spoons, forks, and knives for prep work.

  • Trash can 

  • Garbage bags

  • Dish towels 

  • Appliances

  • Dish rack

Patio Essentials

  • Chairs

  • Outdoor plants

  • Table  

  • Hanging lights 

Now that you have an idea of how to find an apartment near CMU we hope we’ve taken some of the pressure off. Don’t forget to start with the housing marketplace for CMU off campus housing and have your list of questions ready. 

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