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Top 7 Home Activities to do with Your Roommates

Top 7 Home Activities to do with Your Roommates

Kassie Shanafelt
ene. 5, 2023

Whether you just moved in with a new roommate or you’re looking for something to keep you and your long time squad occupied while you’re quarantined together, we have just the kind of fun at-home activities you can do with your roommates. Because living together is more fun when you actually get along and become friends, right? 

Make it a spa day.

Use ingredients you can find at home to make your own face masks or body scrubs. Then, let the chilling commence. Self-care is great to do alone but more fun together! Doing your nails and winding down together is a great opportunity to really slow down and get to know each other.

two people with dalgona coffee and watching Harry Potter

Binge watch an entire series together. 

Binge watching is better when you do it together. If you’ve got nothing but a weekend between you Monday, there’s nothing stopping you from binge watching a series on Netflix from start to finish. Pick one with your roommate, gather the snacks you’ll need, and kick your feet up on the couch for a good while. 

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Get healthy together.

8 out of 10 Americans try dieting alone. Why not team up with someone who’s around all the time? Make a roommate pact to get healthy together. You can start your journey by going through all of the groceries and snacks in the house, making meal plans together, and then commit to exercising together a few times a week. 

Redecorate the common areas. 

Make the shared spaces your joint mission. Start by creating a joint Pinterest board so you can set the vibe and agree on a direction for the space. Decorating is more fun when you do it together.

Who knows? Maybe your roommate will have some really cool ideas. 

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Play truth or dare.

Bring back an old classic. This game sounds silly, but it doubles as an ice breaker if you’re just getting to know your roommate. You know the rules from middle school. Ask questions, be honest, get to know each other, and maybe throw a chore or two into the dare list. 

Create a joint Spotify playlist. 

Music is a great tool to unite people, and let’s not forget how fun it makes cleaning up around the house. Create a joint playlist with your roommate. Add your favorite songs and play this any time you’re doing chores together. It makes tedious tasks feel less boring.

Plus, you won’t complain about the music being too loud if you love the song. 

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Have a dinner party.

There’s nothing quite like getting all dressed up for no reason — even if you can’t go to your favorite restaurant to celebrate “just because.” Plan for a fancy dinner party at home with your roomie. Get the supplies you need to cook a big dinner (or order from Postmates), get dressed up, and let the good times roll. 

Whether you’re playing games or taking it easy with a spa day, we hope you’ll find time to bond with your roommates in the upcoming months. Also check out our article about how to handle conflicts with your roommates to keep the good vibes coming!

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