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Average Price of a Four Bedroom Apartment in Irvine

Average Price of a Four Bedroom Apartment in Irvine

Alexis Ancel
Oct 15, 2020

The cost of rent for a four bedroom apartment in Irvine has increased considerably in recent years, currently averaging $4,250 according to Zumper. This is no surprise as rent in Irvine is always higher than the national average. The rent prices across the board nearly doubled in the past decade alone, but the good news is that a four bedroom in Irvine will typically get you the highest value for the price.

There are many perks of living in a four bedroom apartment in Irvine, especially when it comes to cost. Keep in mind that you’ll actually be paying about a quarter of the total after splitting rent with roommates. Living with multiple people also opens the possibility for staggered rent, meaning you can opt for a smaller bedroom or a shared bathroom in exchange for a lower share of the rent, or vice versa.


Cheapest Rent

Most four bedroom apartments in Irvine are concentrated on the northern end of the city in Woodbridge and Northwood, falling anywhere between $3,200 and $4,000. Because many four bedrooms are single family homes rather than apartment buildings, you’ll find the best selection here in terms of size, quality and price as these neighborhoods are more popular among families.

Although further from the center of Irvine, these neighborhoods have the added benefit of being close to many of Irvine’s best outdoor activities. Prices tend to rise again closer to the mountains, where in Orchard Hills or Stonegate can climb into the $6,000 range for a four bedroom.

Best for Restaurants and Nightlife

If you’re looking to live close to the action, you’ll want to look for a four bedroom in Irvine Business Complex and Irvine Spectrum Center tend to be the most popular among students and young professionals with plenty of restaurants and activities to keep you busy. Rent in these neighborhoods is often more expensive, generally between $3,900 and $4,300. Your selection will be more limited in these areas, though it’s possible to find a four bedroom as low as $3,700 if you’re lucky.

Student Life

Best Neighborhoods for UC Irvine Students

If you’re looking to live near the University of California, Irvine, the most popular neighborhoods for students are typically Turtle Rock, Woodbridge and University Town Center. It’s possible to pay as low as $3,200 in these neighborhoods, but listings are more sparse in these neighborhoods and can run as high as $4,000.

Consider Coliving

While multiple roommates do help reduce the cost of rent, even still, the cost of a four bedroom in Irvine is often unrealistic for many students and recent grads after factoring in additional expenses like utilities, WiFi and parking. If you’re already open to the idea of living with multiple roommates, you may alternatively consider a co-living situation like Tripalink to help offset some of these expenses.

Tripalink’s average rent in Irvine is $990 per person with options as low as $900 for a room in a four to five bedroom fully furnished apartment. This offers a much more affordable alternative with a range of added benefits such as utilities, WiFi, property maintenance, security systems and weekly cleanings, all built into the cost of rent. Tripalink also uses a matching system to ensure that you and your roommates have compatible living styles, providing a unique opportunity to connect with new people in the area.

Downtown LA

Whichever living situation best fits your lifestyle and budget, you’ll never be bored with all that Irvine has to offer.  

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