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Find Affordable Apartments: Rent Affordability Calculator

Find Affordable Apartments: Rent Affordability Calculator

Feb 5, 2024

Table of contents

  • I. Review of Rent Affordability in 2023
  • II: Rent Affordability Calculator
  • III. Rent Wise

I. Review of Rent Affordability in 2023

The National Apartment Association released a report in 2023 demonstrating that many renting households were spending over 30% or even more of their income to cover rent expenses in various cities across the U.S. This represents the significant burden rent places on renters, taking away funds that might have gone to healthcare, food or savings accounts to purchase homes. 
On a positive note, housing costs have increased to slow since last year; rent increases now stand at 6.5% while owner equivalent rent had dropped to 6.3% - marking its lowest level since summer 2022! The National Apartment Association forecasted by July 2024 rent CPI would return to its pre-pandemic five-year average of 3.7%

II: Rent Affordability Calculator

Middle-class people typically need about 30% of their income to afford decent living quarters. Unfortunately, reality often falls short, particularly in expensive cities like New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Boston where keeping rent costs within this ideal range can be challenging due to national housing crises and limited apartment availability among low-income renters competing for scarce supply of apartments. That's where a Rent Affordability Calculator comes in; helping keep rent within 30% of your income while finding satisfactory housing options.
Finding affordable apartments can be challenging, but Tripalink's Rent Affordability Calculator aims to simplify the process. By knowing exactly how much rent is within your budget, finding your ideal rental becomes much simpler.
Personal finance advisors and columnists generally advise spending between 25%-30% of your income on rent; as an example, if your annual income is $50,000 then your monthly rent should not go beyond $1,250.

Rent Affordability Calculator

The 20% Option

While you might be unable to afford premium rental properties, saving on rent could open up plenty of other opportunities for you.

The 30% Option

A rental property should provide an ideal environment in which to raise a family, while still allowing enough savings room to cover other big purchases in your budget.

The 40% Option

When investing in real estate, the 40% Rule could provide the perfect rental property that fulfills all your requirements - but this could create additional financial strain and potentially cause issues elsewhere in your life.

Other Options

The Rent Affordability Calculator enables flexible input of any whole integer percentage between 20%-40%; simply input what percentage best matches your requirements.

Simply input your pre-tax income, desired living location and percentage of income you are willing to spend on rent to receive a monthly rent suggestion and recommendations for quality apartment rentals meeting your criteria.

III. Rent Wise

Deciding how much of your income to devote towards rent requires striking a balance between immediate housing needs and future financial well-being. Considerations include location, size and amenities as well as your personal and financial goals when making this important decision. Ultimately, successful decisions today can pave the way to greater financial freedom and security down the line, giving you peace of mind while enjoying home comforts without jeopardizing future financial stability.

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