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Best Places to Live in Los Angeles: Where to Call Home

Best Places to Live in Los Angeles: Where to Call Home

Apr 22, 2024

Table of contents

  • Hollywood: Where Dreams Take Center Stage
  • Venice Beach: Where Bohemian Meets Beachfront
  • Downtown LA: An Urban Revival
  • Pasadena: Where Tradition and Tranquility Meet
  • West Hollywood: A Playground for Trendsetters
  • Culver City: At the Crossroads of Art and Innovation
  • Conclusion

Los Angeles is an expansive metropolis framed by majestic mountains and gorgeous beaches, filled with endless opportunities and dreams. Finding the best neighborhood in LA within this diverse metropolis can be tricky; we will explore some of its more desirable neighborhoods here to provide insight into their special features, average rent costs and amenities they provide.

Hollywood: Where Dreams Take Center Stage

Median Rent: $2,800 (1-bedroom apartment)

Apartments in Hollywood

Hollywood, famous for its fame and creativity, remains an irresistibly attractive entertainment district. Boasting world-class dining options as well as direct access to hiking trails for outdoor adventure seekers, this neighborhood celebrates all that Hollywood offers; the famous Boulevard with the TCL Chinese Theatre is just one example! Additionally Hollywood offers bustling nightlife scenes, world-class shopping opportunities, and easy hiking trail access - making this ideal for exploring artistic or creative endeavors!


  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: An expansive sidewalk lined with stars commemorating legends in entertainment history.

  • Runyon Canyon: Offers picturesque hiking opportunities offering scenic vistas over both.

  • Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: Celebrities often frequent this historic luxury hotel to experience Old Hollywood charm.

Why it's a great place to live:

  • Entertainment Hub: Living in Hollywood puts you at the epicenter of the global entertainment industry, within striking distance of major studios, theaters and industry events.

  • Diverse Culinary Scene: Hollywood is home to many dining experiences to cater to different palates, ranging from hip cafes to fine restaurants.

  • Accessing Nature: Runyon Canyon provides hikers and nature enthusiasts with a scenic retreat near Los Angeles that allows for spectacular city views while offering them the chance to unwind and recharge their batteries.

Venice Beach: Where Bohemian Meets Beachfront

Median Rent: $3,600 (1-bedroom apartment)

Venice Beach is the ultimate haven for creative types looking for an idyllic beach lifestyle. The iconic Venice Boardwalk serves as a melting pot of cultures with street performers, vendors and an eclectic assortment of shops; while serene canals, vibrant murals and Muscle Beach add their special charm.


  • Abbott Kinney Boulevard: An exclusive street lined with boutiques and galleries.

  • Venice Skatepark: Renowned as one of the top locations for skateboarding worldwide. Overlooking Venice Beach.

  • Venice Canals: Reminiscent of Italy's Venice, these canals make a pleasant walking path. Perfect for an enjoyable stroll.

Why it is an ideal place to live:

  • Artistic Vibes: Venice Beach is known for being an artistic mecca that promotes an environment conducive to creative flourishing, providing artists, musicians and writers an outlet to channel their talent. Here you will find something inspiring at every turn!

  • Neighborhood Community: The bohemian atmosphere of this neighborhood fosters strong community ties among its inhabitants and fosters camaraderie between residents.

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Venice Beach encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with its beachfront setting and host of outdoor activities.

Downtown LA: An Urban Revival

Median Rent: $2,900 (1-bedroom apartment)

Apartment swimming pools in DTLA

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) has undergone an unprecedented transformation over the years, evolving into an energetic cultural hub characterized by historic and modern architecture. Home to both art enthusiasts and city center office employees alike, Downtown offers something exciting for visitors of every kind; be they art enthusiasts, professionals working within office spaces within city center offices, rooftop bars offering panoramic city views, or modern art galleries providing unique urban experiences downtown provides all this and much more for all types of visitors!


  • The Broad Museum: Boasts an outstanding contemporary art collection.

  • Grand Central Market: Grand Central Market is a vibrant food hall providing delectable treats from across the globe.

  • The Last Bookstore: An eccentric bookstore located within a historic bank building that's famed for its whimsical decor.

Why it is an ideal place to live:

  • Culture Richness: Downtown Los Angeles boasts an abundant collection of cultural institutions, theaters and museums which provide residents with many avenues of personal enrichment and growth.

  • Revitalized Living: By renovating historic buildings into modern apartments and lofts, revitalized living combines both historical charms with present-day conveniences.

  • Accessibility: Living downtown allows easy access to public transit. This makes exploring your city without needing a vehicle easy!

Pasadena: Where Tradition and Tranquility Meet

Median Rent: $2,500 (1-bedroom apartment)

Pasadena provides a tranquil retreat at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains while maintaining strong community bonds. Renowned for hosting its iconic Rose Parade annually and historic architecture, Pasadena also features tree-lined streets for easier walking and a slower pace of life that makes this neighborhood perfect for families or anyone searching for more relaxing suburban living arrangements.


  • Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens: Include beautiful gardens & art collections to enjoy during a cultural getaway!

  • Old Pasadena: An inviting district filled with boutiques, cafes and historical landmarks.

  • Eaton Canyon Falls: For nature enthusiasts looking for an exciting hike leading to a stunning waterfall, Eaton Canyon Falls offers an enjoyable hike through stunning terrain that leads to its iconic falls.

Why it is an ideal place to live:

  • Family-Friendly Environment: With its tranquil streets, top-quality schools and many parks suited for families, Pasadena provides an idyllic living environment.

  • Cultural Attractions: Our neighborhood's museums, gardens and historic sites provide residents with ample opportunity to learn new things while discovering more.

  • Natural Beauty: Being situated close to the San Gabriel Mountains allows residents to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling and picnicking in beautiful settings.

West Hollywood: A Playground for Trendsetters

Median Rent: $3,200 (1-bedroom apartment)

Apartments in West LA

West Hollywood (WeHo) represents the pinnacle of LA fashion, art and culinary scenes. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife and LGBTQ+ community life, WeHo offers access to boutique stores, trendy eateries and iconic music venues that span from high-end fashion houses such as Chanel to popular music venues in Beverly Hills or Hollywood - providing easy transportation links between these neighborhoods.


  • Sunset Strip: An iconic stretch of Sunset Boulevard known for its music venues, nightclubs and historic hotels.

  • Melrose Avenue: Melrose Avenue is known for being home to fashionable boutiques, art galleries and popular eateries.

  • The Abbey: An iconic LGBT+ bar and nightclub situated at the epicenter of West Hollywood nightlife.

Why it is an ideal place to live:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: West Hollywood (WeHo) is widely recognized for being inclusive to LGBTQ+ residents and providing them with an open environment in which to thrive.

  • Shopping and Dining: West Hollywood provides the very best in fashion and cuisine with high-end boutiques on Melrose Avenue and gourmet eateries serving gourmet fare.

  • Cultural Capital: Art galleries, theaters and live music venues contribute significantly to a vibrant cultural scene in any neighborhood.

Culver City: At the Crossroads of Art and Innovation

Median Rent: $2,800 (1-bedroom apartment)

Culver City expertly marries its historic significance as a film studio hub with modernity and vibrancy through the Helms Bakery District's creative hub of showrooms, galleries and eateries. Furthermore, with tech firms as well as entertainment studios occupying spaces within Culver City itself, innovation meets culture here.


  • Helms Bakery District: An art and design complex housing galleries, shops and design studios.

  • Culver City Stairs: These stairs provide an outdoor workout spot with panoramic city views.

  • Ballona Creek Bike Path: Offering scenic cycling and pedestrian rides along Ballona Creek.

Why it is an ideal place to live:

  • Creative Community: Culver City offers an environment conducive to artistic collaboration and inspiration thanks to its galleries, studios, and theaters that foster artistic community spirit and interaction.

  • Innovation Hub: Home to tech and entertainment giants such as Apple and Netflix, this neighborhood serves as an epicenter of technological progress and opportunity.

  • Walkable Lifestyle: Downtown areas provide an idyllic stroll-ability environment full of cafes, shops and cultural venues - ideal for encouraging an active and connected lifestyle.


Los Angeles offers you a vibrant tapestry of neighborhoods to discover in its rich fabric of urban spaces, each offering something distinct to add to the narrative of your life. No matter whether it be coastal charm, artistic inspiration, urban energy, or historical elegance - Los Angeles has one just waiting to become part of your next chapter - an adventure is waiting in LA's vast urban playground!

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