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Start your career with Tripalink, a growing start-up in the co-living space
Who We Are
Tripalink, founded in 2016, is a product-and community-focused residential co-living company with a unique and integrated business model being a property operator and a real estate developer. In 2021, Tripalink has entered 7 major cities in the US and is managing over 6,000 bed-spaces. In 2022, Tripaink will manage over 10,000 bed-spaces, and enrich millennial’s‘ lives with its co-living services on a larger scale.
What We Provide
401k Matching
Education/Learning Reimbursement
Professional/ Leadership Training Opportunities
Rotation Opportunities Across Departments and Locations
Team Building Activities
Free Entrance to Tripalink Events
Employee Discount for Renting Company Properties
Annual Wellness Reimbursement
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