How to Find an Apartment Near UCLA

Jul 20, 2020 Filed to: Apartment Hunting Tips Last Update on Feb 15, 2021

Finding an apartment near the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) can seem pretty difficult if it’s your first time moving out of the dorms. However, UCLA has great off-campus housing options if you know where to look!

Moving out of the dorms is something that every UCLA student goes through, so whether you’re choosing to move out your second, third, or fourth year, know that you’re not alone.

Living off campus has lots of benefits compared to the dorms, some of which are more space, privacy, freedom, and control. If you’re ready to make the jump, there are a few things that you should consider


You should think about if you’re willing to live with roommates or if you’d prefer to live alone. In the dorms you probably had roommates and depending on that experience you might have a strong preference for or against roommates in your new apartment. The pros of having roommates are that you might make friends and you’ll save money. The cons of having roommates are that you might get into disagreements or they might not cooperate in keeping the apartment clean. This is a personal decision that depends on your finances and situation.


Living off campus can be cheaper or more expensive than living in the dorms, it all depends on how you budget! Having a good understanding of how much you’ll be able to afford in rent, bills, and food is pertinent when looking for a home. Check out our articles to learn the basics of budgeting and saving money.


The way the neighborhoods around UCLA are situated, some apartments will give you an equal or shorter commute time to campus and while the majority will give you a longer commute. Putting the apartments that you are looking at into Google Maps and checking the walking distance to campus is one great way to get a feel for how long your commute will be. Another thing to consider is the commute time to the parts of campus that you frequent often. If you are a South Campus major then you’ll probably be visiting Boelter Hall more than Broade, so you should look for an apartment closer to Roebling Ave than Ophir Dr.

Apartment Hunting Resources

One of the typical places that students go to find apartments if they already know who they want to be their roommates or if they want to live alone is They offer an easy way to search available apartments based on price, location, and number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

If you are looking to join an apartment as a subletter for a shorter time period, then the UCLA Subletter Facebook Group is a great resource for finding people with open spots.


Additionally, Tripalink is a great service for students to find housing! Tripalink is a co-living brand that offers opportunities for students to have both their own private space (their own bedroom), but also to interact with others and make friends in the shared living spaces (the living room and kitchen). You can come with a friend or solo, they can fill in the rest of the apartment with courteous roommates that have similar interests. Tripalink has several great locations around UCLA and allow you to browse them based on price, number of bedrooms, private bathrooms, parking, in-unit laundry, air conditioning, and bathtubs.

To view them just go to the homepage of  Tripalink and click Los Angeles, West LA and then “Find My Home”. You can change your settings on the search bar on the top.

Finding an apartment near UCLA can seem difficult but when you know what you’re looking for and use these great resources, you’ll realize that it’s not that hard!