How to Find an Apartment Near Carnegie Mellon

Aug 1, 2020 Filed to: Apartment Hunting Tips Last Update on Aug 28, 2020

Finding an apartment near Carnegie Mellon is easy with these resources. However, if it’s your first time looking for an apartment it’s normal to feel nervous. The good news is that the average rent in Pittsburgh is relatively affordable and the city has many great neighborhoods to choose from. 

Unlike your sprawling neighbors at UPitt, CMU’s campus is more contained. However, CMU is right in the middle of great neighborhoods like Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill, all of which are all close to public transportation. College students especially love Squirrel Hill due to it's affordability, things to do, and bus system.

Before you start looking for an apartment near CMU, be sure to have decided on important things like budget, location, and roommates.


Living off campus can be cheaper or more expensive than living in the dorms, it all depends on how you budget! Having a good understanding of how much you’ll be able to afford in rent, bills, and food is pertinent when looking for a home. Check out these articles about the basics of budgeting and saving money as a college student!


You should think about if you’re willing to live with roommates or if you’d prefer to live alone. In the dorms you probably had roommates and depending on that experience you might have a preference for or against roommates in your new apartment. Check out this article for tips on avoiding and handling roommate conflicts!


It’s important to know if you’ll be driving, walking or using public transportation to get to class! Putting the apartments that you are looking at into Google Maps and times to campus is one great way to get a feel for how long your commute will be.

Starting Your Search

Check out listing websites such as CMU’s Off Campus Housing website to see the apartments that they recommend. Other good resources are and

You can also ask for recommendations from professors or advisors. Many of them live locally, and will have the inside scoop on landlords and neighborhoods.


Built-In Buddies 

If you want to live with roommates but aren’t sure where to find good ones, the typical ways to find some are asking friends for recommendations and browsing the CMU Roommate Facebook group. 

Another option is to utilize a co-living community like Tripalink. Co-living communities offer millennials a number of benefits such as lower rent, opportunities to meet new people, and more amenities.

We have lots of great options in Pittsburgh and the website allows you to browse them based on:

  • Price

  • Bedrooms

  • Private Bathrooms

  • Parking

  • In-Unit Laundry

  • Air Conditioning

  • Bathtubs

To view them just go to the homepage of and click Pittsburgh and then “Find My Home”. You can change your settings on the search bar on the top.

Some of the other benefits of Tripalink is that the rent price includes the utilities. This means that there are no hidden costs or high utility bills popping up, which is helpful when you are on a student budget.

The apartments come fully furnished, and even the bedrooms come with a desk, chair, closet, and lamp. This gives tenants a hassle-free move in experience and is extremely attractive to international or out-of-state students. We also have both houses and apartments, so you can choose a more homey or modern style of living.

Additionally, the common areas are kept tidy by a cleaning team and there are events held so that all the people in the building can get to know each other. The Tripalink team is also available to help solve any potential roommate conflicts and can even transfer you to a different room if you’d like.

Regardless of if you utilize Tripalink or another service, we wish you the best of luck in finding off-campus housing near Carnegie Mellon! It can seem scary but when you know what you’re looking for and use these great resources, you’ll realize that it’s not that bad.