How to Find Off-Campus Housing Near USC

Riley Gamboa Sep 21, 2020 Filed to: Apartment Hunting Tips Last Update on Sep 28, 2020

Wondering how to find off-campus housing near USC? Look no further! As a fellow Trojan, I understand that searching for housing around USC can be intimidating for a number of reasons. Whether you are concerned about location, roommates, utilities, or privacy, I have accumulated a list of resources that may help guide your search. 

USC Resources 

If you are hunting for off-campus housing accommodations, you are probably tired of living in a cramped dorm room. Although you are hoping to branch away from university housing, sometimes it is best to start your search with university resources! USC has a website for students to discover quality housing within a commutable distance to campus. All of the listings are located within USC’s Public Safety Patrol Zone to ensure that students feel safe and secure in their homes-away-from-home. Additionally, the listings feature important information such as number of beds, number of baths, distance from campus, pricing, and more. You can scroll through the variety of listings and “favorite” options that interest you. Your “favorite” choices will then be organized into a separate tab for easy access if you choose to pursue one in the future. This USC website also provides the opportunity to connect with other students who are seeking potential roommates.

Social Media Resources 

You may want to find your roommates before you decide on your housing accommodations. Making sure you are compatible with your roommates is necessary when seeking off-campus housing. When I transferred to USC, I utilized social media to meet other students who were looking for roommates and apartments near campus. Facebook has a number of USC housing groups where fellow Trojans will post sublease opportunities as well as roommate search inquiries. Just type “USC housing” into your Facebook search bar and discover the variety of pages. You can maximize your choices by joining the endless number of groups that Facebook offers. 

Furthermore, by joining housing groups on social media, you can learn more about the apartments and houses near USC. You may learn about which buildings are most popular or which areas in your neighborhood will suit your preferences best. You may want to take into account small factors such as which buildings offer parking, hold social events, maintain strict security, or provide study rooms. All of these components may help you decide between the vast array of options!

Social media is not only an amazing tool to keep you connected with your community, but you can establish connections with other Trojans. Maybe you will meet your next best friend and roommate! I did! Check out our articles on things to do with your roommates and how to manage disagreements for more tips.

Co-Living with Tripalink

If you are searching for off-campus housing near USC, then you will most likely have to share a space with other students. Co-living is modern communal living, where a resident has a private single bedroom but shares common areas with other tenants. Co-living is popular because it makes off-campus housing more affordable for students. Tripalink is a company founded by USC students who wanted to provide individuals with reliable and affordable co-living spaces in major cities across the nation. 


Not only does Tripalink offer a wide selection of quality co-living apartments and houses near USC, but the company offers a number of benefits added to your housing experience. Some of these benefits include private rooms, spacious common areas, high end kitchen appliances, fully furnished dwellings, security systems, property services, utilities, and a reliable roommate matching system. Tripalink ultimately provides convenience and reliability to your off-campus housing experience. 

Your Experience is Unique 

Above all, there is no right way to find off-campus housing near USC. Everyone has a unique experience when hunting for apartments or houses near campus. I suggest you use all of these resources to select the best option for you! Fight On! 

Riley is currently a senior at the University of Southern California. She is majoring in Business Administration at the Marshall School of Business and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2021. Additionally, Riley is a content creator for YouTube and posts videos regarding lifestyle and college advice. Feel free to reach out to her via Instagram, @rileychristine for any questions!