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Five Things That Will Make Taking Online Classes in Your College Apartment Easier

Five Things That Will Make Taking Online Classes in Your College Apartment Easier

Maya Allunario
ago. 29, 2023

Online classes can be tough. Long hours working at your desk can be very tiring and stressful. What helps the most when taking online classes is having roommates in a co-living apartment so that you don’t feel alone or isolated.

You always have someone to talk to and lean on during difficult times. Roommates can be your best friends if you get to know them.

Another thing that helps is designing your desk area in your apartment for optimal organization and productivity. There are quite a few products on the market that can help you feel better and motivate you to keep pushing through your online classes.


Calendar planner with January 1

If you’re someone that needs a way to organize your coursework and extracurricular activities then a planner is your quick fix. Although it may seem convenient to put things in a digital calendar, it is much easier to organize a written out planner. You can cross things off as you go and writing things down is proven to help your memory.

Writing in your planner exciting upcoming events or a movie night with your roommates can help lift your spirits substantially throughout the week.You can even buy fun highlighters and pens to spice up your planner and make it your very own. It’s nice to look at your planner at the end of the day and see that you crossed everything off your to-do list! 

Seat Cushion and Backrest 

Who doesn’t love being comfortable during school? You can buy a soft seat cushion off Amazon for under $20 and make your desk space super comfy. There are a ton of different designs to choose from so feel free to choose whatever seat cushion best suits your style.

I also recommend you buy a backrest, especially if you’ve been noticing that your back aches at the end of the day. It’s so important to practice self-care during online classes! Cushions and pillows are essential to taking care of your wellbeing and physical body. 

Blue Light Glasses

4 pairs of glasses

Have you ever noticed that your eyes tend to get a bit red or irritated after too much screen time? Maybe you even feel drained after too. For those who struggle with this and want to prevent damage to their eyes, blue light glasses are key.

Reducing your blue light exposure can be beneficial for those who struggle with sleeping at night. All in all, blue light glasses are a stylish way to reduce Zoom fatigue and protect your eyes; count me in!

iPad or Second Monitor

black dell computer screen with 15:25 and black screen on MacBook

When you are in in-person class, you have your notebook, iPad, or laptop to take notes on while the lecture is going on in front of you. With Zoom lectures, it becomes increasingly more difficult to take notes. With the lecture going on via your laptop or computer, you can’t easily pull up Google Docs and start typing away. Especially since Zoom can often lag.

We suggest buying either a notebook, iPad, or second computer monitor in order to make taking notes easier and more efficient. 

Laptop Stand

wood laptop stand

For those who don’t like sitting all day or have a hard time sitting still, you need a laptop stand. It helps you feel more productive when you’re standing and getting your work done. People have often reported that standing desks helped them stay focused for longer periods of time and boosted their creativity.

Sitting down for hours can feel very unmotivating. A standing desk plus an evening walk around the neighborhood could boost your cardio much more than you think.

Final Thoughts

four people staring off into the coast

Online classes can be really difficult so don’t be too hard on yourself! Remember to take breaks and check in with yourself to make sure you are practicing self care. Check in with your roommates too and make sure they’re doing okay. 

Living in a Tripalink co-living apartment offers you the benefit of always having other people around. You can even plan to take classes with your roommates if your schedules allow. Tripalink even offers a roommate pairing system that is perfect for those looking to make new friends and make the best out of work from home and online classes. Hopefully these desk essentials will help you ace your online classes and achieve your goals!

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