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Best Places To Study at UCI

Best Places To Study at UCI

Malory Wood
Feb 22, 2023

Finding a good place to study is one of the most important factors in maintaining grades. Unfortunately, taking information in is difficult when there is a lot of noise, poor lighting, or a lack of space to work. Finding the best places to study at UCI should be a top priority for every student.

You may have a space available where you live; however, noise and other distractions could be an issue. Read on to discover all the best places you can study on campus and find a space that will work best for you.

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UCI Libraries

UCI has several libraries that make great places to study. UCI's libraries include the science library known as Ayala Science Library and Langson Library. Which library you will find most appropriate will likely depend on your area of study and the type of studying you need to do. This is known to be a favorite amongst the Famous UCI alumni.

Each library has better accommodations for different things. Are you studying science, art, or business? Do you need a private area to learn alone, or are you working with a group? Are you looking for research materials? These questions will help you determine which of the libraries works best for you.

If you are studying in the fields of medicine, science, or technology, Ayala Science Library holds a wealth of information that will support any research you might be doing. It is one of the largest science libraries of its kind. In addition, there are public computers, Wepa Print Kiosks, and scanners available.


The Science Library also has research librarians you can schedule a consultation with if necessary. You will also find study rooms on the mezzanine at the Science Library. 

When you have a group project, the best place to go is the Langson Library Collaboration Zone. Located on the third floor, the collaboration zone features moveable whiteboards, a connectable digital display, and, best of all, collaboration pods.

These study rooms are designed to collaborate with multiple people instead of focusing on individual studies. Langson Library is located in Humanities Hall in Social Science Plaza A and houses services and collections on Arts, Humanities, Business and Management, and other subjects.


Katie Wheeler Library

Unlike the Science Library and Langson Library, the Katie Wheeler Library is part of the Orange County Public Library system. It is a replica of the original Irvine Mansion that was destroyed by fire in 1965. Katie Wheeler Library has a bookstore, hotspots, public computers, and wireless printing. It also houses special collections of board games and world language collections.

Its gorgeous interior gives you ample tables, chairs, and study nooks. Since it is not part of the university, it is not exclusively for students; however, it is still a wonderful place to study.

Libraries Gateway Study Center

 The Libraries Gateway Study Center is home to the Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive Center (OC&SEAA) alongside many study areas. There are 13 study rooms available at the Gateway Study Center. Please note that the study rooms require reservations, and you should always have your email confirmation available when going to study there.

One of the nicest things about the Gateway Study Center is that it is open 24 hours a day during the week of midterms and finals. Additionally, you can check out dry-erase markers and earplugs at their check-out desk if needed.


UCI Student Center

Like the Gateway Study Center, the UCI Student Center provides a safe and quiet place for students to study and is open 24 hours a day during the weeks of midterms and finals. They even serve free snacks to keep you going during these weeks!

The Student Center has many dedicated places for study. The Courtyard Study Lounge is designed to be a great place to study with friends or have a study group. The Commuter Lounge is for those long periods between classes that aren't quite long enough to want to leave campus.

The Student Center also has the Atrium Hallway Study Pods and desks available in Crescent Hallway and Hillside Lounge. Gallery Lounge has comfy chairs and tables for both groups and private study.

Doheny Beach Lounge is a soft but vibrant area that will help keep your mood up when studying. If you want a private corner to study quietly with friends, try Lido Isle Hallway, or for a more roomy atmosphere, opt for Pacific Ballroom Lobby, Terrace Lobby, or Terrace Lounge. 

West Courtyard lounge is a little of all these places, with a row of tables and chairs alongside couches and cubicles.

UCI University Center

University Center is a gorgeous place to study. If you need solitude and absolute quiet, try a library, but if you want great scenery and pleasant ambiance, University Center is for you. 

There are lots of tables and benches outside the restaurants and stores at the University Center that make great places to study. You can also grab a bite to eat or a quick coffee pick-up for your study session.

Since noise isn’t as limited here as it is in libraries, the spaces at the University Center lend themselves well to group study and projects. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out the areas near Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts.


Finding The Best Places to Study

The most important thing about finding the right place to study is that it is comfortable. You won’t keep going to a place you don’t like, which can become an excuse for poor study habits. 

While some people want to find a place away from home to study (this can be especially true when studying with a group), most people find it easier to make a dedicated place in their own home.

This can range from a full home office to a desk in your room, or even a corner on the kitchen table. If you have family or roommates who don’t respect your need for a time and place to study, you may want to look into an apartment for rent in Irvine. Regardless of where you choose, make sure it is conducive to the studying that you need to do.

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