Apartment Hunting Tips

Apartment hunting is hard! Tripalink has expanded to 10 U.S. cities and can offer great advice for finding a new place. We explore the best neighborhoods, prices, and architecture in cities like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Philadelphia, Irvine, Tucs

Alexis Ancel

Average Price of a Four Bedroom Apartment in Philadelphia

Living in a four bedroom apartment in Philadelphia is one of the most cost effective ways to live in this vibrant major city. Despite rent prices noticeably ticking up in recent years, Philly’s overall rent prices tend to hover just above the national...

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Kristie Landing

Average Price of a Four Bedroom Apartment in LA

Planning your move to LA? With apartments coming and going at the drop of a hat, you have to choose quickly to get the one you really want. Living with other people means you can save money on rent and have more space, but it also limits you in terms...

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Carla Vianna

Average Price of a Studio Apartment in Pittsburgh

Moving into a studio apartment in Pittsburgh is a great solution for anyone looking for more personal space without necessarily breaking the bank. A studio in Pittsburgh is ideal for students ready to take the leap off campus, young professionals...

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Taylor Maresca

Dorms vs Off-Campus Housing Near U of A

When you are getting ready to embark on or continue your journey at the U of A, your living situation should be on the top of your priority list. You may be running into the dilemma of if you should choose to live in the dorms or in off-Campus housing...

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Katie Tang

Dorms vs Off Campus Housing Near UW

One question that comes up as a UW student is whether you should live in the UW dorms or in off-campus housing near UW. As a recent graduate from the University of Washington, I have experienced both options throughout my four years there. To make your...

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Kristie Landing

Average Price of a Studio Apartment in Philadelphia

As the 6th most populous city in the U.S., Philadelphia has plenty to offer young professionals and students. The “city of brotherly love” has rich history, a thriving food scene, and world class museums. It’s a very walkable city, though mass transit...

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