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Coliving Bliss: Advice for Becoming an Outstanding Roommate

Coliving Bliss: Advice for Becoming an Outstanding Roommate

Apr 22, 2024

Table of contents

  • Respect Each Other's Space and Time
  • Communication and Honest
  • Cooperation
  • Establish boundaries and expectations early
  • Maintain Good Hygiene & Cleanliness
  • Respect the guests of others
  • Be flexible
  • Remember to Divide Costs Fairly
  • Be Responsible and Reliable
  • Be Considerate of Your Roommate's Schedule
  • Be Willing To Compromise

Living with a roommate can be an exciting and enriching experience, particularly given the increased popularity of co-living arrangements. Coliving spaces emphasize the significance of being an excellent roommate; an outstanding roommate may become your lifelong friend with effort on both parts to make things work smoothly and harmoniously. Here we present seven tips on being an exceptional roommate that creates a harmonious living situation.

Respect Each Other's Space and Time

Everyone requires privacy and alone time when living together, especially if in co-living quarters. Respect your roommate's space and boundaries and communicate openly about schedules and routines; be conscious of noise levels in shared areas while striving to keep things neat and orderly.

Celebrating Christmas in a coliving space with my roommates

Communication and Honest

Communication is at the core of every successful relationship; roommateship is no different. Communicate honestly regarding expectations, concerns, preferences and any issues that arise - address any such matters promptly but in an amicable manner to prevent small disputes from becoming bigger problems later.


Living together requires sharing space and resources, so be considerate of both the needs and preferences of both roommates while striving to work cooperatively on any conflicts that arise between you. That means sharing chores, respecting the belongings of both roommates, compromising, etc.

Establish boundaries and expectations early

Your roommate and you should set clear expectations and boundaries before moving in together, including guest policies, cleaning schedules and noise levels. Setting clear limits and expectations helps prevent any confusion or conflicts later down the road.

Maintain Good Hygiene & Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene in shared environments are of utmost importance, and being considerate of others in that space requires being mindful. Keep communal areas tidy, wash dishes promptly and dispose of waste responsibly.

With my roommate in the cozy coliving apartment

Respect the guests of others

Respectfully accommodate any visitors your roommate invites into your shared space and vice versa. Set clear boundaries by discussing any guest policies. Make sure guests are informed of any rules that may apply and ask that they respect noise limits and shared spaces.

Be flexible 

As part of living with a flatmate, it's crucial that you're flexible and open-minded enough to adapt your needs to meet those of your roommate, finding mutually beneficial solutions when conflict arises, while remembering the key aspects of successful roommate relationships; communication, compromise and respect being the top three essentials!

 A coliving house near the UA with a swimming pool

As part of being aware of oneself and your habits, it is also crucial that one consider their behaviors and habits. Here are a few other tips:

Remember to Divide Costs Fairly

Sharing expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries among roommates is common practice. Be sure to pay your fair share and discuss with them the most efficient ways of splitting bills.

Be Responsible and Reliable

Responsible roommates should follow through with their commitments - such as paying bills on time or doing house chores - without fail. You and your roommate can work together on finding solutions if any obligations cannot be fulfilled immediately.

Be Considerate of Your Roommate's Schedule

Please respect your roommate's schedule when making decisions or scheduling events in your space. Please remember this can save everyone a lot of hassle in their living arrangements! Consider your roommate's needs when setting your schedule; try to limit noise at night if your roommate works early morning shifts; inform all roommates if hosting any parties beforehand.

Be Willing To Compromise

Living with another person requires compromises from time to time for a harmonious living situation, for instance if your roommate requests a certain cleaning schedule, adjust yours according to his/her request - remembering your Roommate Rules helps everyone respect each other's shared living spaces!

student housing & co-lving space near the UA

Becoming an ideal roommate requires communication, effort and mutual respect - three core components necessary to creating a harmonious living experience for you both. Tripalink provides coliving platforms that match you up with like-minded roommates to facilitate coliving spaces where people live happily together.

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