How to Find an Apartment Near Carnegie Mellon

Nestled comfortably in one of Pittsburgh's most historic neighborhoods, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is certainly one to be reckoned with! This private, global research institution stands among the crowd, and among the world's most notorious educational systems known to man. They don’t just imagine the future, no. They create it – aligning innovative minds to set their very own path. And we see why. Check out their stats. You’ll want to go here, too. We’re just being honest.

  • #1 in Undergraduate Computer Science - U.S. News & World Report, 2021

  • #1 in Undergraduate Information and Technology Management - U.S. News & World Report, 2021

  • #4 in College of Engineering - U.S. News & World Report, 2021

  • #20 in Private U.S. Universities - Times Higher Education, 2021

  • #28 in University in the World - Times Higher Education, 2021 

On Campus Student Housing

The housing application and assignment process is the same for all domestic and international incoming first-year students and College of Fine Arts (CFA) transfer students. As a first-year at CMU, you will be required to live on campus and can begin the housing application once it becomes available to you. 

Housing assignments for first-year students are based on a randomly generated lottery number order for all students who apply before a specific deadline. After the deadline, students will receive lottery numbers at the end of the line in the order that their application is received – according to CMU’s website.

Does Carnegie Mellon University Have Co-Ed Dorms?

Carnegie Mellon University strives to make on-campus housing inclusive and welcoming for all students – offering all-gender housing. All-gender housing means that students can live with other students of any gender. As part of the all-gender floor, students will be able to share a room inclusive of any sex assigned at birth, gender identity or gender expression. Incoming first-year students interested in living in an all-gender community should select Stever House as their community of choice on the housing application. 

Off-Campus Student Housing 

Where Should I Live Near Carnegie Mellon University

Each neighborhood, having its own flair and appeal, offers access to a variety of grocery stores, shopping centers, banks, and laundry amenities. These resources are also within walking distance and can be accessed via the Carnegie Mellon shuttle, or general public transportation services. If you’re looking for an apartment near Carnegie Mellon University, we’ve read your mind. From the many off campus apartments to choose from, it can be quite unsettling if you don’t have the right tools and resources to find the perfect fit. Where would you be without us? As always, we have your back. Here are 4 secrets to finding the perfect apartment near Carnegie Mellon University.

  1. Begin Your Search, Now!

Searching for an apartment can be a hassle if one isn’t proactive. Giving yourself a three-month marker allows you ample time to find your dream home away from home. Listings can change – sometimes at the drop of a dime – so, giving yourself a few months will allow you the time to grab the right fit, fast before someone else does. You should also start searching for off-campus housing in October and November for the following year. You can thank us later.

  1. Location. Location. Location.

Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill are the closest neighborhoods to Carnegie Mellon University. With that said, it’s important to know what your transportation will look like. If you’re without a car, look into the apartment’s proximity to all public transportation options. Look for a place that’s close to work, shopping, and amenities. A great way to calculate distance is to put the apartments that you are looking at into Google Maps from the CMU campus – that way, you can get a good feel for how long your commute will be.

Our recommended neighborhood for students and young professionals is Squirrel Hill. Squirrel Hill is a commuter-friendly area that offers easy access to Murray Ave where you can find buses to any college campus in Pittsburgh. This is a great neighborhood and a go-to spot for dining options as well. Students and residents alike consider this neighborhood to a be a safe one and offers housing options to suit your style. From here, it’s approximately a 10-min bus ride to campus. Check it out. 

  1. Budget

Fortunately, rental prices in Pittsburgh are fairly reasonable. In fact, Pittsburgh ranks among the most affordable cities in the U.S. Still, you’ll want to set a budget. This is super important. 

If this is your first time searching for an apartment, know that it is normal for a property manager to require first and last month’s rent, as well as a damage deposit. Your security deposit is usually returned if you leave the property in the condition, you found it. Otherwise, it can be applied to maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. It’s always a good idea to have the first and last month’s rent, the security deposit and additional funds set aside for the application process. Be sure to have this amount saved, so that when you do find the right apartment – you can snag it before someone else does. Your utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet) may or may not be included in your rent amount, but this should be within your lease agreement. 

  1. Find Roommates

Where would you be without your roommate? Yes, your roommate. Having a roommate is nice because, you can have someone to talk to, study with, and can help split the price of any apartment in half simply by sharing it with them. Splitting the bills can reduce costs and eliminate some of the financial strains of renting. Not only is this a great way to build a connection with someone, but you can split the cost of items used in your apartment to save you some money – items like food, kitchen or cleaning supplies, and decorations. Give this one a try.

If you’re open to roommates, but aren’t sure where to find good ones, one solid option would be to utilize a co-living community like Tripalink. Co-living communities offer millennials a number of benefits such as lower rental amounts, opportunities to meet new people, and a more modern comfortable feel.

The apartments come fully furnished, which gives tenants a hassle-free move in experience and is extremely attractive to international or out-of-state scholars. We also offer both houses and apartments, so you can choose between the two modern living styles.

Deciding Where to Stay? 

Living with like-minded students and young professionals will help create a memorable experience anywhere we are. Explore TRIPALINK today! Find convenient off campus student housing and apartments for college students for rent near Carnegie Mellon at Tripalink. 

Learn more about our furnished apartments and co-living apartments options. Tripalink’s co-live community spaces provide amazing opportunities for students and young professionals. With fully furnished apartments and all that is needed to complete your stay - including utility costs. Tripalink provides community members with affordable options to modern living. Contact Tripalink today!

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How to Find an Apartment Near Carnegie Mellon

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