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Most Residents Chose Tripalink for Its Modern Design and Affordability

Most Residents Chose Tripalink for Its Modern Design and Affordability

Maya Allunario
Nov 12, 2020

Tripalink manages and develops properties all over the US. We are currently located in LA, Irvine, Tucson, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Keeping our tenants happy and comfortable has always been and always will be our first priority. 

Here’s some of the insights we have gained from our residents:

About 75% of our residents opted to live in a co-living space and the other 25% live in traditional apartments. Residents reported that the rent price is very reasonable given the area they live in and the size of the property. Tripalink creates communities that are both functional and comfortable while not compromising on privacy and amount of space. It’s important to keep in mind what students and young professionals need the most to optimize their studying and working conditions.

When asked what made Tripalink standout amongst the competition, Tripalink’s residents stated that pricing/affordability, high quality apartment design, and ease of communication with management. These are values as a company that we seek to uphold thus seeing that residents believe we value them too is significant to us. You can never be too available to your tenants. 

Other notable comments we received from residents were that they enjoyed the great location close to universities, modern amenities, design of the apartment, and weekly cleaning service. In the rental industry, these aspects are often neglected. Central location and cleanliness are big factors in choosing where to live; the more effort a rental company can allocate towards designing and organizing a property, the more return they will gain as a result.

As we continue to grow and expand our business, we plan to exceed expectations and bring new innovations to our properties.

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