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Jasmine Valdes, USC Student | Resident Spotlight

Jasmine Valdes, USC Student | Resident Spotlight

Jasmine Valdes
Feb 6, 2023

1) What is your name and major? 

Jasmine Valdes; Music Industry. 

2) What brought you to Los Angeles?

I moved to LA about a year ago from Miami, FL to study Music at USC. 

3) What is your favorite part about going to USC?

I love the campus and the people! It’s such a casual place to go and meet your friends or new people.

4) How did you choose your apartment with Tripalink and how do you like living there so far?

I found the Tripalink house on Facebook with my friend and we both moved in! I think it’s a very fun and cool energy because there are so many different people in the house that all have diverse personalities! Although I do enjoy my privacy, I think the house I am in is large enough where we can still all have our space, but also come together as well.

It's location off campus is perfect since it is close enough to campus where I can easily walk to class, but also it sits in the heart of the off-campus student life. This is a nice way to enjoy some student hosted activities close to home. I am also in a sorority and the Tripalink property I live in is very close to my sorority house so I found this location to be perfect!

5) Do you like living with roommates? What advice would you give to those looking to live with roommates? 

Prior to moving with Tripalink, I was in a small shared apartment with a direct roommate. I didn’t think the price was worth it due to not having any privacy in a very small space. So the biggest selling point for moving into a Tripalink space was the ability to still have my privacy while also living in a bigger house.

In the house I am living in now, my housemates and I stress the importance of communication; we created a group chat where we can all keep each other accountable for maintaining and cleaning our shared living space. Another tip I recommend for someone new to co-living is scheduling bi-weekly in-person check-ins with your roommates to talk about any topics in regards to your shared space or your personal preferences to make sure you're all on the same page and to avoid future conflicts.  

6) What are some fun things to do for those living off campus at USC?

Due to COVID there isn’t too much you can do but something that my housemates and I have enjoyed taking part in is having movie nights as a house or a grill out in the backyard. I love getting together with my roommates; we have a lot of fun. 

7) How does Tripalink standout amongst the other off campus housing options?

I like how new and modern the facilities look and I enjoyed how easy it was to contact my landlord. Whereas in my past experiences in different housing facilities, it was typically an older apartment and the landlord was very difficult to communicate with and out of touch. 

Also Tripalink is beautiful and extremely user friendly. Beyond its pristine features inside the home, the locations are all very well situated, staying close to campus while also being close to off campus activities all around LA!

Jasmine Valdes

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