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Revamp Your Rental: Essential Apartments Decor Guidelines

Revamp Your Rental: Essential Apartments Decor Guidelines

Feb 1, 2024

Table of contents

  • What You Should Do:
  • What You Shouldn't Do:
  • Apartment Decorating Tips:

When you move into a new apartment, can you accept it is like a white box with four walls, especially when your lease imposes various restrictions on making changes? Don't worry, even if it's not your own house, you can still make it your own. Knowing what you can and cannot do makes decorating a rental quite simple.

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What You Should Do:

Get Written Permission.

To ensure you can recover your deposit when moving out, obtaining written permission from your landlord before any decorating changes is essential if you intend to decorate a rental home. However, this might be avoided by returning it back to its original state before leaving, making any changes unnoticeable to them; hiding plans could damage credibility as well as lead to an inability to restore the original state due to some oversights in restoration efforts.

Maintain a Budget-Conscious Attitude.

Your rental may not be dorm room living, but neither is it five-star hotel living. When on a tight budget, your changes must save money without sacrificing the quality. When purchasing new furniture or decorations consider mixing secondhand pieces or decorations and visiting garage sales, estate sales or flea markets that could add functionality and decorative items that match.

Utilize Decorations.

Light fixtures, curtains, decorative paintings, small rugs, plants, and shiny hardware accessories can transform the most unremarkable rental into something new. Instead of mass-produced lights from warehouse stores, opt for more unique lighting; metal blinds can be removed or covered with beautiful fabric curtains. These decorations are items you can take with you when you move.

Refer to the Color Wheel.

Whether changing the color of picture frames, repainting second-hand furniture, painting a feature wall, or coloring the entire house, if you want to decorate your rental with personal color preferences without relying mainly on new furniture or decorations, it's best to refer to the color wheel to avoid mismatched colors.

What You Shouldn't Do:

Expect the Landlord to Pay.

You might not like the faucets in the bathroom from 1983, but if you plan to replace them, it's best to pay for it yourself. Since the 2008 financial crisis, many landlords have become more frugal, and tenants have less room to negotiate. If you really want the landlord to bear the cost, it's best to clarify this in the lease from the beginning.

Bring in Bed Bugs.

Be cautious when buying second-hand upholstered furniture, such as ottomans or mattresses, which might hide bed bugs not visible on the surface. If you purchase such items, ensure they are aired out and thoroughly cleaned before bringing them into your home. Professional cleaning is even better.

Use Wallpaper.

Wallpaper is difficult to remove once applied. There are many alternatives, such as wall decals, furniture stencils, or peel-away wallpaper, that can achieve a similarly striking decorative effect.

Paint Natural Wood.

Do you think crown moldings and baseboards need a brighter color? Repainting them white or back to their original wood color is not easy. While it's fine to paint wood in various colors in your own home, unless your landlord is very lenient, it's better not to do this in a rental.

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Apartment Decorating Tips:

Tip 1: Avoid Buying Too Many Cheap Pieces of Furniture

When the room is empty, resist the urge to fill it with cheap furniture. Take your time to explore second-hand markets for designer pieces to mix with simple IKEA furniture for a more homely feel.

Tip 2: Change the Indoor Lighting

Move beyond the simple original lighting fixtures and choose some creative ones instead. Their easy-to-change nature makes them a top choice for decorating and they can be taken with you when you move.

Tip 3: Hang Decorations on the Walls

Don't hesitate to hang decorations on the walls of your rented room; holes can be filled with wall putty. Nothing is more depressing than a blank wall, so hang some photos or paintings to brighten up the room.

Tip 4: If You Can't Paint the Walls, Paint Some Furniture

Tenants are generally not allowed to paint the walls, but your landlord won't stop you from painting your own furniture. If you don't like the original color of a wood cabinet found at a second-hand market, paint it a vibrant sea green. Paired with green plants, it creates a very tranquil feeling.

Tip 5: Use Removable Wallpaper

Decorating walls can be done in a way that allows for easy removal when moving out, such as using beautiful wallpaper. There are increasingly more options available now, with a wide range of styles.

Tip 6: Add Rugs

Rugs with colorful patterns and colors make an excellent decoration choice in a simple home, not only adding color and warmth but also covering any imperfections on the floor surface.

Tip 7: Cover Blinds With Curtains

Rental rooms across the United States may come equipped with blinds that don't meet your aesthetic preferences; simply adding curtains can cover them and complement other decorations in the room.

Tip 8: Arrange Miscellaneous Items

Small bottles and containers add an artistic element to any room, creating an artistic atmosphere while remaining subtle and easy-looking - an effective and unique idea! By grouping them by category, not only do you add visual interest but it looks effortless as well - an inspired solution.

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At its heart, creating an apartment or space that feels like home doesn't require massive budgets or permanent alterations - just follow these apartment guides. By customizing your apartment in stylish ways. Creativity rather than cost is what drives successful rental makeovers; whether through color choices, personalized touches with decor or clever furniture reuse techniques your rental home can reflect your unique style while serving as the backdrop to many memories made therein. Take up this challenge today to make it feel like home - don't settle for anything less! Home should feel just that way - not just like any living place but an experience!

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