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Start Your College Journey at North Seattle: Key Info for New Students

Start Your College Journey at North Seattle: Key Info for New Students

may. 28, 2024

Table of contents

  • North Seattle College Guide
  • Campus Map
  • Student Services
  • Campus Life
  • Dining on Campus
  • Fitness and Recreation
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Safety and Security
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Distance Learning
  • International Students

North Seattle College welcomes new students! If this is your first experience at college, here is some basic information: North Seattle is a two-year community college providing associate degrees, certificate programs and transfer options to suit a range of student needs.

Students seeking to meet general education requirements, focus on career and vocational programs or prepare to transfer into 4-year institutions will find this campus an ideal destination.

Passing grades here are those earning at or above "D-" (1.0), meaning if you earn any grade with that marking of "D-", the credit will count towards fulfilling degree or certificate requirements. Keep in mind, however, that many programs and transfer institutions require higher grades than this minimum threshold for certain classes; so always strive for excellence!

North Seattle College

North Seattle College Guide

Now let us address your next concern about campus facilities and services available to you and where to locate off-campus housing. This guide contains everything necessary for making the most out of your time here - it may even serve as the standard student guide that North Seattle college people would recommend to their juniors!

Campus Map

Begin your exploration of North Seattle by reviewing the NSCC Campus Map. It shows all buildings on campus - such as classrooms, offices and student services. Plus parking lots and bike racks!

North Seattle College Campus Map

Student Services

At North Seattle College, they understand the challenges students may encounter while trying to succeed academically and personally can be daunting. That is why they offer a range of student services designed to assist you on your college journey - from academic advising to career services they have you covered!

Academic advisors act like your personal GPS: they'll guide you through every stage of college life, help plan class schedules and select an ideal major, as well as prepare you for transfer to a 4-year institution. When it comes to careers, the Career Services Center serves as your job fair - you'll find resources and support there to help find that dream job or the next step on your career journey.

Campus Life

Campus life at North Seattle College is vibrant and lively, providing many opportunities for involvement and networking for its students. There's an active student government and clubs and organizations program with over 30 clubs and organizations from academic to career to cultural to special interest clubs to choose from!

North Seattle College offers numerous leadership and volunteer opportunities that allow students to become actively engaged with both the College and surrounding community. North Seattle College hosts events and activities throughout the year - concerts, lectures, cultural events - that allow students to learn about diverse cultures while meeting and connecting with fellow members of their college community.

North Seattle College

Dining on Campus

North Seattle College provides its students with several dining halls and cafes on campus to provide healthy yet delicious food that caters to various dietary restrictions.

Additionally, North Seattle College houses a food bank that offers assistance to students. The goal of the food bank is to ensure students have access to nutritious meals throughout their academic journey at North Seattle College.

Fitness and Recreation

Our campus features a fitness center, indoor swimming pool and various sports fields and courts. There are also several outdoor spaces to enjoy including nature trails and lakes for students to use freely. In addition, intramural sports and fitness classes are provided.

Off-Campus Housing

Students here can select from various off-campus housing options. Most students opt to live near the College in apartments or houses, though North Seattle rentals may also be an option for independent living students. Our off-campus housing office will assist in finding housing solutions that suit both your budget and lifestyle needs.

North Seattle College Off-Campus Housing

Safety and Security

North Seattle College is committed to creating a safe and secure learning environment for all its students, employing a campus police department that patrols 24/7 and responds swiftly in emergencies.

Emergency call boxes and blue light phones can also be found throughout campus, while there is also a safety escort service for students who require transportation home after dark.

Students who enjoy exploring outdoor activities in Seattle will especially love this highlight.

North Seattle College Area


The College is situated near several major highways and public transit options, providing students with easy access to buses, light rail trains, ferries and shuttle services from local neighborhoods to campus.


The institute recognizes the critical role technology plays in today's world and is committed to equipping students with all of the tools and resources they need for success. All students can access a state-of-the-art computer lab that includes Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and many specialized applications and programs - as well as free wireless internet throughout campus so they can stay connected while completing assignments wherever they may be located.

The College provides many online resources, from classes and degree programs, tutoring services and library services, all designed to give students flexibility and convenience when it comes to managing academic and personal responsibilities. Furthermore, their comprehensive IT helpdesk is there for their students and staff during regular business hours in case there are technical needs such as setting up a new computer or troubleshooting connectivity issues.

 North Seattle College Laboratory

Distance Learning

North Seattle College provides several distance learning options for those unable to attend classes on campus, including online programs and resources necessary for the successful completion of classes remotely. Furthermore, they have virtual offices and tutoring services.

International Students

They welcome international students from around the globe. To support and assist international students, there is an International Programs Office which offers support services, including assistance with immigration procedures and academic advising as well as cultural events and cultural homestay programs.

North Seattle College International Students

North Seattle College is an innovative and energetic institution, that offers students and young professionals numerous resources and opportunities for success.

No matter your academic support or recreational activities needs, as well as off-campus housing options from this College. Be sure to explore what they have available; don't miss checking out U District apartments which offer even more choices for living arrangements! So whether it's your first semester at college, or whether you are a returning student looking for something fresh - this College is an incredible place!


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