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The University of Pennsylvania Student Housing Guide

The University of Pennsylvania Student Housing Guide

May 6, 2024

Table of contents

  • College Houses for Undergraduate Students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  • Four-Year College Houses at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  • College Houses for Graduate Students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

Choosing where to live when you get to college is a big step. Questions like, will you live on campus or look for off-campus housing? Or what is the best residence hall for first-year students? may pop into your head. Luckily the University of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia makes the process easy for students living on campus, including graduate students. We’ll go over UPenn housing options for first-year students, living options for students who want to spend all four years living on campus, and graduate students. 

College Houses for Undergraduate Students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

Kings Court English College

Kings Court English College is a beautiful on-campus building for first-year students. The housing option has low-rise apartment buildings with a gorgeous garden courtyard and green roof. The room types, English and Kings Court both have single and double occupancy rooms, single occupancy rooms are limited at the university so space isn’t always guaranteed. Both houses are connected by the courtyard, which has beautiful greenery in between, murals with colorful mosaic tiles, and artwork created by the students on campus. Kings Court English College also has an atrium dining cafe and a quiet library for students to study.


Three female University of Pennsylvania students chatting and laughing.

Hill College House

Hill College House is located on the east end of campus with easy access to academic buildings and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station making it an ideal spot on campus for undergraduate students. Like Kings Court English College, this dormitory has both single and double-occupancy rooms. You’ll be able to find lounges for late-night study sessions that are built around the central atrium which overlooks the dining cafe, where you can use your meal plan.


 Four college students studying in UPenn housing

Four-Year College Houses at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

W.E.B Du Bois House

W.E.B. Du Bois College House is a four-year college house community serving as a hub for students of the African Diaspora and serves as a hub promoting the culture, giving students to learn about different traditions and cultures. The community also supports African American scholarships available on campus. The building offers suite-style rooms with private bathrooms, offering single, double, triple, and quad rooms, including some limited private rooms. W.E.B. Du Bois College House is also the smallest college house on campus. 


University of Pennsylvania students

Stouffer College House

Stouffer College House promotes community among all dorm mates. Choosing this four-year community will create a family environment creating lasting relationships with people from all over. You can expect weekly events like potlucks and brunch hosted by the senior staff. This college house has apartment-style rooms with full kitchens and private bathrooms giving you a small taste of off-campus housing.

Launder College House

Launder College House has it all! This four-year community gives students the chance to socialize, eat, and study in state-of-the-art facilities. Residents love the spacious suites, room types range from double to six-person suites, all with private rooms with access to one to two shared bathrooms. Lauder College House is a great place to make connections.  


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College Houses for Graduate Students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

Sansom Place West 

The graduate student housing is ideal for people new to Philadelphia needing something temporary while they complete the program when off-campus housing isn’t an option. Graduate housing is available for students completing a one to two-year program on campus and gives them the chance to build connections with their peers and the faculty members in their programs. Sansom Place West is an on-campus high-rise apartment building offering both single and double rooms making it perfect for those staying temporarily on campus.

Some details about the college house are, that all beds take extra long twin sheets, each room comes with a dresser, with access to a single shared bathroom. Sansom Place West is the only housing available for graduates so space is limited.

If you can’t find any on-campus options at the university then you should look into off-campus housing options while completing your graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Various housing options are available for undergraduate and graduate students choosing campus housing at the University of Pennsylvania. Of course, you can also consider UPenn off-campus housing, which not only offers more opportunities to meet roommates and friends but also provides greater privacy at a more affordable price. When you’re ready to find UPenn off-campus housing then reach out to Tripalink to get your journey started.


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