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Top Places to Study at CMU

Top Places to Study at CMU

Tamar Hela
Jan 27, 2023

Are you a student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) searching for the ideal environment to do your homework or catch up on some reading?

With classroom buildings spread across a sprawling 143-acre campus, CMU students might feel overwhelmed by choice.

But let us help by highlighting the top picks for study spots at CMU—across the university's seven major colleges, libraries, and other areas.

These settings will vary in formality, structure, and amenities so you can find what works best for your studying needs.

Use this guide as a starting point to help determine which setting is ideal for focusing on your coursework, so you get the grades you deserve.

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Hunt Library

The Hunt Library is one of the most popular study spots at Carnegie Mellon. Located in the heart of campus, the library offers a variety of resources and amenities to help students succeed.

Its extensive collection encompasses books, journals, and other materials for research or leisure reading.

One of the advantages of the Hunt Library as a study space is variety. It has private study rooms and group study areas. The library also hosts events such as workshops and lectures to help students stay informed about current topics in their field of study.

Additionally, the library has a café that serves snacks and beverages to keep students energized while studying. With its wide range of resources and amenities, the Hunt Library is an excellent place to study at Carnegie Mellon.

Gates Hillman Center

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The Gates Hillman Center is another excellent place to study at CMU. This building houses several classrooms and laboratories, as well as a large auditorium where lectures are held.

It also features several computer labs with high-speed internet access and printing services. The center also has several comfortable seating areas with plenty of natural light, making it an ideal spot for studying or working on projects.

With its wide range of resources and amenities, the Gates Hillman Center is an excellent place for students to focus on their studies. The center also hosts events such as workshops and lectures to help students stay informed about current topics in their field of study.

Furthermore, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it an ideal spot for those who need access to advanced tools for their research or projects.

University Center

Credit: (Unsplash)

The University Center functions like any other. At CMU, this building houses a variety of student organizations, including clubs and societies related to academics, athletics, culture, and more.

It's another place where you can get high-speed internet and printing services. And like many places at CMU, its cozy seating areas have natural light.

And that's why the University Center is a great place to study. Private space, group areas, you name it!

Cohon University Center

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If you're a CMU student, you are encouraged to attend seminars and lectures in the Cohon University Center. These seminars will keep you abreast of the latest developments in your studies. You may also find like-minded friends there who will study like you.

As people intending to concentrate on their studies surround you here at Cohon University Center, you'll also find it much easier to focus. There's no denying the atmosphere, along with the extensive resources and conveniences available, will be beneficial.

Off-Campus Options

Many choices are open to students who want to study away from the mainCarnegie Mellon campus. Students who need a change of environment— with an extra boost of caffeine to help them remain focused—frequently choose to study at coffee shops.

A significant number of coffee shops provide customers with access to high-speed internet, as well as comfy seating spaces.

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The neighborhood cafes are yet another fantastic alternative for off-campus study options. Some of the best cafes in Pittsburgh for studying are 1:11 Juice Bar, Georgie's Corner Cafe, and Margaux.

1:11 Juice Bar is a vegan-friendly business that offers healthy food and fresh fruit juices. The cafe also has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, making it a great place to study.

George's Corner Cafe is a fantastic cafe for baked goods and coffee. They also offer outdoor seating, which you can use to study. If the weather's good, it will also lift your mood.

Margaux is another delicious bakery in Pittsburgh. This cafe is ideal for studying as it offers excellent wifi and power outlets at every seat so you can charge your devices. One drawback to studying at this coffee shop is it is often bustling, especially during peak business times. So choose your timing wisely if you go here.

Meanwhile, you can also study in any Pittsburgh library with a good and stable internet connection.

There are some wonderful libraries that you can use to get ahead in your studies. For example, Sewickley Public Library is great for finding study resources. It also serves as a tranquil place to do some work and reading.

On the other hand, Hillman Library is another amazing resource for students, as it is the 29th most extensive library in the United States. It has five floors with plenty of resources and study spaces. However, this library can become overcrowded at peak times, like leading up to exams.

As you can see, off-campus study spots are plentiful. And it's not just libraries and coffee shops. You can even consider studying at a bookstore if it has the space for it.

The seating spaces at bookstores are frequently very comfortable. Some even have access to high-speed internet.

Additionally, most bookshops have a café that provides students with food and beverages to keep them active while studying in the store. Some of the best bookshops around include Classic Lines and Mystery Lovers bookshop.

Classic Lines offers a comfy seating area. Their book collection is great, and the store provides a quiet place to read. Meanwhile, Mystery Lovers is the largest mystery-themed bookshop in the city.

Another off-campus study spots that can be just as productive as those on campus are parks. They may not have a quiet or distraction-free setting that libraries do, but parks have plenty to offer students.

Studying while surrounded by nature is often a fine way to raise your concentration. Furthermore, it feels less claustrophobic than being cooped up in an enclosed space for many hours.

One of the greatest advantages of living in Pittsburgh is the access you have to some great parks. Westinghouse Memorial Park was erected as a tribute by entrepreneur George Westinghouse's workers after his demise in 1914. This park contains beautiful historical monuments, a grass area, and some seating.

Another example is Frick Park is the largest park in Pittsburg at about 150 acres. This park contains walking areas, kept gardens, and a historical building. There are also some seating areas and park benches that you could use to study.

Find a location to study that caters to your own preferences and requirements, regardless of where you ultimately decide to do your schooling.

Because there are so many alternatives, you should be able to choose a location that satisfies your requirements and enables you to maintain your concentration on your studies.

Key Takeaways

There are many great places to study at Carnegie Mellon University and off-campus.

On-campus options include the Cohon University Center, which offers a wide range of resources and amenities to help students stay focused on their studies.

Off-campus options include coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, and parks. No matter where you choose to study, finding a place that works best for you and your needs is important.

With so many options available, there is sure to be a place that meets your needs and helps you stay focused on your studies.

You can also find some peaceful study spaces at these awesome apartments serving as off-campus CMU housing.

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