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The Guide to University of Washington Housing Costs: Comparing On-Campus and Off-Campus Options

The Guide to University of Washington Housing Costs: Comparing On-Campus and Off-Campus Options

jul. 15, 2024

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • UW Housing Cost: On-campus v.s. Off-campus
  • Cost Comparison
  • The Conclusion
  • FAQs

Are you planning to join the University Of Washington in Seattle but wonder about their housing costs? Deciding between UW on-campus and off-campus housing can be a hazy task.

University Of Washington Campus


Seattle is widely known for its vibrant tech scene, music scene and coffee culture—home of one of America's premier public research universities - the University of Washington (UW) which attracts students worldwide.

While the University of Washington in Seattle provides on-campus housing options, students also have the choice of living off-campus. This article offers an in-depth breakdown of housing costs associated with university living options in Seattle.

UW Housing Cost: On-campus v.s. Off-campus

Before diving into our cost comparison of University of Washington Seattle housing options, let's gain some clarity as to their respective benefits and drawbacks.

On-Campus Housing

UW Seattle offers on-campus housing that ranges from residence halls to apartments and family units. The university offers meal plans for vegetarians and those following halal diets. It also provides access to campus resources like libraries, recreational centers and study spaces.

Off-campus Housing

Off-campus housing options at the University of Washington Seattle range from apartments, coliving spaces, and renting rooms; each offers more flexibility in terms of location, lifestyle and amenities.
However, students living off-campus must manage food, utility bills and transportation costs independently.

Cost Comparison

Now that we understand the types of UW housing available, let's compare prices between on-campus living and off-campus housing at colleges or universities. While on-site accommodation typically costs more, both options have their own distinct advantages.

Housing near the University of Washington cost can vary significantly, depending on factors like type and location. Here is an analysis comparing on-campus to off-campus costs for comparison purposes.

apartments near UW - Maude Urban Living

UW On-Campus Housing Cost

UW on-campus housing costs typically range between $7,059 to $12,474 annually per academic year for rent, utilities and meal plan requirements - which must be purchased if you choose a residence hall or apartment living situation.

At the University of Washington Seattle, housing costs can be broken down as follows:

Housing Type

Cost per Academic Year

Residence Halls

$7,059 - $9,084


$8,040 - $12,474

Family Housing

$9,210 - $11,610

UW Off-Campus Housing Cost 

Location, utilities, and amenities all impact the cost of off-campus living at the University of Washington Seattle. On average, off campus housing costs can be divided into three categories:

Housing Type

Cost per Month

Micro Studio Apartment 

$800 - $1,150

Studio Apartment

$1,150 - $1,650

Shared Apartment

$800 - $1,100

Renting Room

$600 - $1,000

Living off-campus may incur additional expenses such as transportation, groceries and utilities; Tripalink offers an impressive variety of apartments and rooms near UW that could serve as your new home.

The Conclusion

Finding housing close to the University of Washington Seattle may prove challenging; on-campus living gives easy access and more freedom while offering lifestyle benefits close to campus.

On-campus housing tends to be less costly than off-campus, though you may still incur expenses related to transportation, groceries and utility bills.

University Of Washington Campus

Off-campus living may add extra expenses for students; while on-campus housing provides rent, utilities and meal plans - there may also be extra fees they should consider before moving off-campus.

This guide is meant to assist in making an informed choice regarding UW Seattle housing options that best fit your personal preferences, lifestyle needs and budget.

Keep this in mind as you make your choice: the main aim should be for you to enjoy every second at the University of Washington Seattle and get as much out of college life experience as possible.

Overall, University of Washington Seattle housing costs can differ between on-campus and off-campus options and may depend upon several variables. While on-campus living may cost more, including rent payments, utilities costs and meal plans - while off-campus options typically do not.

University Of Washington Campus

Off-campus housing allows more flexibility with regard to location and amenities. No matter which one you opt for, make sure to account for additional expenses so as to make the most out of your college experience!




Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding housing costs at the University of Washington Seattle:

1. Which option costs less to live off-campus or on campus?

Off-campus living may be less costly, particularly if shared housing or renting is available. Living on campus provides easy access to campus resources like libraries and study rooms as well as recreational centers.

2. Can international students live off-campus at the University of Washington Seattle? 

Yes, international students may live off-campus.

3. Are There Any Hidden Fees With University of Washington Seattle On-Campus Housing? 

No additional expenses exist with University of Washington Seattle housing costs as they include rent, utilities and meal plan; however, students may incur extra fees such as laundry service charges, parking or any additional services provided on-site.

4. Can I select my roommate at the University of Washington Seattle on-campus housing? 

Yes, UW Seattle provides a roommate matching service for residence hall and apartment residents as well as those seeking specific roommates. Students can request specific living arrangements.

5. Can Seattle off-campus housing be affordable? 

Housing costs depend upon location and amenities available, though students may still find reasonable options by sharing apartments or renting rooms at reduced costs. When budgeting, keep extra expenses such as transportation costs, groceries or utilities in mind to account for.

6. What is the average living cost at the University of Washington Seattle for students?

Students attending the University of Washington Seattle should budget approximately between $1,200 and $2,000 monthly to cover living costs. This should cover housing, food, transportation costs and entertainment activities.


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