Best Luxury Apartments for rent in DTLA

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Los Angeles
Best Luxury Apartments for rent in DTLA

Luxury DTLA Apartments: Apartments & Penthouses in Downtown LA For Rent

Luxury DTLA Apartments

Looking for luxury downtown Los Angeles apartments that are beautiful, close to lots of restaurants, and pet friendly? Does that even exist in the city?

It may sound too good to be true, but Tripalink has you covered. Our luxury downtown LA apartments are a great fit for working professionals who want a great location and sophisticated finishes.

Many of our luxury apartments have upscale designs with community living in mind. This means that residents can experience luxury living without missing out on the amenities they love. Many of our DTLA properties include spacious living spaces and State-of-the-art fitness areas. This allows residents to enjoy all of the perks of living in downtown Los Angeles with ease.

Property Features

When you rent a luxury apartment in downtown Los Angeles, the features are what set the place apart from others. Luxury apartments are not only in a great location, but they also have so many added elements that help compliment your high-end lifestyle.

Location, Location, Location

One of the main benefits of these downtown Los Angeles luxury apartments is that they are so close to lots of restaurants and entertainment. Many buildings are within walking or biking distance, so you don't need a car if you don't have one! Another great benefit is that many of the buildings are very close to bus and train routes.

Our units are also scattered throughout downtown LA, which means that we will have many housing options to give you the full DTLA experience. Enjoy all that downtown LA has to offer with easy access to the best restaurants, sports events, nightlife, and shopping! 

Top-Notch Security

Safety is always a priority for any Tripalink luxury apartment in downtown Los Angeles, and every apartment is secure. Most of our DTLA properties have a full staff of trained security guards on site as well. 

Penthouse Living

Our luxury Downtown properties include high-end penthouse options that are a notch above the rest. Our penthouses include premium breathtaking views of the DTLA cityscape from your private balcony, smart appliances, spacious floor plans, high ceilings and privacy. You don’t want to miss out on truly experiencing the top notch luxury our penthouses offer. 

Finest Finishes

Each apartment home includes spaces that are light and bright so that you can enjoy the gorgeous sunshine, even if you are indoors. White walls and warm floors complement the dark furniture for an ultra-chic look. Most kitchens include the best stainless steel appliances with refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, and microwaves. Floors are often tile or hardwood for an upscale feel as well. 

Bathrooms come complete with a shower, sink, toilet, mirror, and storage. Remember that many units include a private balcony, so you can enjoy the beautiful views and outside breeze at any time


Easy Access Parking

Many of our luxury apartment homes also include parking spaces for those who want to bring a car along. Each property is different, but many include either a garage or a covered parking area near the unit.

Extra Amenities

When it comes to most rental apartments, amenities can be few and far between. However, Tripalink goes above and beyond the norm with these extra amenities that you’ll love! Some of the great amenities you can enjoy include outdoor lounge spaces, fitness areas, outdoor grills, pool and spa. 

Elevated Living 

No need to worry about feeling confined in a small space as most of our DTLA properties have high ceilings and can instantly make your home feel more spacious! You can easily skip out on a rough day and quickly head to the beach, meet a date downtown, or spend that time sight seeing in DTLA.

DTLA Utilities 

Many of our downtown luxury apartments include both heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable any day of the year. You will also save with Tripalink utilities from the energy-efficient appliances in most units. You also get to enjoy the ease of having valet trash and package handling services. Tripalink wants to make it easy for you to enjoy your downtown space so you can make the most of your time.

Ditch the Laundromat Trips

All of our downtown units include an in-unit washer and dryer, so you don’t need to haul your dirty clothes to the laundromat. Not only does this save you precious time, but it also saves you money! No need to worry about quarters (do laundromats even take change anymore?) or spend your Saturday waiting for laundry to finish. 

Luxury Apartments that Fit Any Style

While many of our luxury DTLA apartments are beautifully designed high-end buildings, we do have plenty of options to help fit your new home with your personality! Most of our buildings in DTLA  are modern luxury apartment buildings with plenty of charm. We have the perfect fit for your personality with awesome pricing and options.

Tripalink is leading the way for working professionals to access downtown living without breaking the bank! We have many styles and options available, from studio apartments to penthouse spaces that are perfect for you. 

Take full advantage of our clean, beautiful, and luxurious apartment homes that have so much to offer your new life in downtown Los Angeles. Search available units online, complete with pictures, location information, and amenities to find the perfect luxury apartment. 

We can't wait to meet you!