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Ballard Seattle Studio Apartments: Studio Lofts & Apartments for rent

Apartments for Rent in Ballard

Living in Seattle is an exciting experience. Seeing the city from the Bespoke Studio Apartments in Ballard transforms your view completely! Now a beautifully designed urban village, the community offers a lifestyle of comfort and security for students and young professionals. 

With tastefully designed apartments, Bespoke offers affordable housing in one of the most sought-after areas in Seattle. And at Bespoke, affordable doesn’t mean less quality. 

All apartments come with an all-in-one washer-dryer unit, 5-foot tall stainless steel refrigerator/freezers, and several amenities to make your life easy as you study and work from the your home.

Class and Comfort in Ballard, Seattle WA

Enjoy the class and comfort that comes with living in a historic district with urban settings. Bespoke Apartments offer the best of both worlds in Seattle. 

Heading back from a long day at school or work? Living at Bespoke gives you the comfort of knowing that you are going to a studio apartment that is fully fitted with superior soundproofing between and above apartments so you can rest in comfort. 

Commute in the city with no stress thanks to the easy transportation system. Or move around with a personal bike that you can safely keep at the controlled access bike storage with bike tuning station and get the best of class and comfort at the Bespoke.

Take a lovely walk to the iconic Ballard Avenue

Just within walking distance from the iconic Ballard Avenue and the National Nordic Museum sits the beauty of the Bespoke Apartments. The affordable studio apartments at Bespoke offer the amenities you need to be productive while working/studying in the city.

All-in-one washer-dryer units, Air conditioning ports, Tall and vaulted ceilings, Programmable thermostats, are some of the enjoyable features of studio apartments at Bespoke. And it is in close proximity to fun and relaxing spots to help you unwind! 

From Fisherman’s Terminal, a charming working waterfront, to the recently rejuvenated Majestic Bay Theatre, This area has just enough activities to help you relax without being a distraction as you complete your degree or climb up the corporate ladder.  

Benefits of living in a studio apartment Ballard Seattle

Bespoke Studio Apartments are a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys comfort with a side of history. With super trendy restaurants and a Farmers’ Market that takes over Ballard Avenue every Sunday, = balances your needs perfectly! Save costs and enjoy the full benefits of living in Seattle. 

With some of the most unique stores and coffee shops, living in this city allows you to take breaks from long hours of studying or working. Ballard is a community that has perfectly blended its history with urban improvements. 

The incredibly accessible routes to this part of Seattle make it a prime spot to live as a student in any of the colleges in the city. Residents of this area who work in the city also get to enjoy the comfort that comes with living in such a central location with stress-free transportation.

Live, Study, Work | Bespoke Ballard Apartments 

Finding apartments is one thing, but finding an apartment that makes life easier is a special thing! And that is exactly what we are offering at the Bespoke Apartments. 

Full bathrooms with shower/tubs, All-in-one washer-dryer units, Built-in countertop cooktops, and Samsung over-the-range stainless steel combination convection oven/microwave, are some of the amenities you enjoy when you rent an apartment in Bespoke Ballard. 

Whether you need affordable housing while studying in a college or starting your career in the city, Bespoke Ballard Apartments are the perfect option for your needs!

Rent Apartments in Ballard, Seattle WA

Work and study in premium comfort at the soundproofed studio apartments available at Bespoke Ballard. You never have to worry about loud study halls or random interruptions during your virtual work meetings. 

Not just an affordable living option, the Bespoke Ballard offers apartments that are affordable with amenities for excellent standards of living. 

Style, class, and comfort are evident in our studio apartments, but they are tailored for students and young professionals who are establishing independence in a space they can relatively afford while figuring out adulthood. 

Studio Apartment for rent in Ballard 

Balance work, study, fun, and living when you rent a unit at Bespoke Ballard. The soundproofed apartments allow you to focus during the week and the bustling Ballard Avenue gives you varieties to shop, dine, and catch a movie. 

Not only are we offering affordable comfort in premium housing, but we are also offering the best foundation to start your career or complete your college education. 

Our apartments are fitted with 5-foot tall, 10.7 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator/freezers, Built-in countertop cooktops, All-in-one washer dryer units in every apartment, and other amenities to make life easy and comfortable for you to focus on your personal growth without stress! 

Student? Worker? Business owner? Find Studio Apartments for rent in Ballard Seattle WA

From trendy restaurants and boutiques to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Shilshole Bay Marina as well as Golden Gardens, this area offers a unique living experience. And you get to enjoy it all when you live in any of the available studio apartments in Bespoke Ballard. 

Eat healthy with fresh produce from the weekly Farmers Market, party in the active nightlife scene, and enjoy quiet moments in soundproofed apartments at the Bespoke. With Quartz countertops, Rooftop deck amenity area, and Controlled-access bike storage with bike tuning station, Bespoke is affordable luxury housing in Seattle. 

Frequently asked questions about Ballard

When will the payment be due?

We ask for prepaid first and last month's rent after you sign the lease in 48 hours and the security deposit will vary based on property, please check policies and fee’s section. These will be due on your move in date!

Do all Tripalink apartments come furnished in Seattle?

Seattle provides both furnished and unfurnished options for you to choose! It is best to check carefully what furniture is included.

What’s the screening process and requirements?

We require all tenants and cosigners to apply, the application fee is $50 per person for the credit check. All residents must have a credit score above 625, cosigners must have a credit score above 675 in order to qualify.

If I am an international student, I do not have a credit score, do I still qualify?

The answer is yes! For international students, please make sure you provide us the copy of your passport, visa page, I20, and bank statements. For J1 visa holders, please provide your DS2019 along with your application!

Are utility fees included in the rent?

Typically, all apartment prices on rental websites do not include utilities fees. It will be tenant pay utilities. Be sure to check with the leasing agent, how much is utility on average.

Do you need to open any water, electricity or internet accounts by yourself?

You do not need to open any utility accounts, Tripalink will be doing that for you! We will also include more details in your move in instructions.

What is renter's insurance? Do I need to buy renter's insurance?

All apartments require insurance as a way to protect your rights! The main purpose of renter's insurance is to ensure that if there is a water leak, fire, etc., you will not suffer financial loss. Loss of belongings is also covered by renters insurance! When obtaining renters insurance, be sure you understand what specifically is covered by the insurance.

Is the area around the apartment safe?

I'm sure everyone is very concerned about the security system of the apartment and the safety of the neighborhood, so before choosing an apartment, you can ask about the combination locks, such as whether you need to enter the apartment by entering the code or need to sense the code key to enter? Is the apartment monitored? If so, the security factor will be greatly increased.

How do I pick up the keys to my apartment?

You have to go to the leasing office to pick up the keys, so be sure to check their office hours. Of course, if there are special circumstances (such as arriving in Seattle in the early morning, etc.) remember to contact the apartment in advance to see if the apartment has a solution. Otherwise, you should contact your friends in advance to pick up the keys, or stay at a friend's house for one night! More move-in details can be found in your move-in instructions!

When will I receive the move-in instruction?

We typically send out the move in instruction 2 weeks before your lease start date. Be sure to check your email and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What should I do if the facilities in the room are broken (e.g. the toilet is clogged)? Who usually pays for this repair?

You can submit maintenance requests, and the apartment will schedule and then come to your home to repair the problem. If it's normal tear and wear, the costs are on us, if the problem is caused by the tenant, then it is paid by the tenant.

If I have a friend looking for housing, what’s the referral policy?

Prospective residents must mention the current resident’s name as how they heard about us upon their initial visit. The new resident must sign a minimum 12-month lease term and both residents must be in good standing during the initial residency period. Referral credits are applied after the new resident moves in. Tripalink offers $100-$300 referral credits depending on the apartment building.