Homes under $1,500 near Temple University Campus

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Temple University
Homes under $1,500 near Temple University Campus

Temple University Off Campus Housing: Rooms & Homes for Rent under $1,500

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Temple University is home to around 30,000 students from across the U.S. and abroad. Known for its diverse campus and professional education courses, covering everything from law to medicine, Temple has a great reputation that makes it an exciting choice for students.

Do I Have to Live on Campus at Temple?
Living on campus is great if you want to be surrounded by other students all the time and be as near to classes as possible. However, if you prefer a bit more space and privacy away from all the noise of campus, then you probably need to look off-campus at homes near Temple University.

Is it Cheaper to Live On or Off Campus?
Living off-campus has the potential to be a lot cheaper than on-campus housing, though it does depend on where you choose to live. The benefit of living off campus is that you will likely have a lot more space and will feel like you are coming home, rather than living at school. According to a recent comparison study, the average cost of off-campus housing near Temple was $8,864 per person per year compared to $11,424 for Temple student housing on campus.

Homes for Rent Near Temple University
While many freshmen live on campus, most upper-class students do not. In total, 82% of students live off-campus. Some of the most popular choices for students include nearby homes, townhomes, and co-living spaces, like those managed by Tripalink. We offer many rental options for those looking for homes under $1,500 near the Temple University.
Whether you are a Temple graduate student, or you are starting on your career path, there are many benefits to finding homes for rent close to the Temple campus. Being near the campus ensures a certain level of safety as there will always be security patrolling the area.

Frequently asked questions about Temple University

What do I need to pay to move in?

It will be First Month Rent + One-Month Security Deposit + Last Month’s Prepaid. The security deposit is required in 48 hours after the lease is signed. The first month's rent and last month’s prepaid will be due on the day of move in date.

Are all apartments furnished in Philadelphia?

Tripalink Philadelphia aims to provide both furnished and unfurnished options for flexibility! It is always better to inquire about the furniture that is included in the apartment with our agent.

What is the screening process and any requirement?

We require tenants to fill out the application. The application fee is $32 per person for running a credit check and it is non refundable. Resident credit score has to be above 650 to fulfill. If available, a cosigner typically is qualified with a credit score 650 or above as well.

What if an international student without a credit score, how to apply?

We consider you!

For international students, the submission of a copy of your passport, visa page, I20, and bank statements is required.

For J1 visa holders, submit your DS2019 along with your application!

Are utility fees included in the rent?

Typically, apartment prices on rental websites do not include utilities fees except the description mentioned. Tenants take responsibility for paying utilities. The charge depends on the usage. To set up water, electricity or internet accounts Unless we mentioned it, tenants take responsibility for setting up and paying utilities which depends on their usage.

What is renters insurance? Is it necessary to purchase?

Tripalink Philadelphia apartments require insurance as a way to protect your rights! The main purpose of renters insurance is to ensure whether there is water leaking, fire damage, etc. The loss of belongings is also covered by renters insurance once enrolled personal property! For obtaining renters insurance, double check the insurance coverage.

Safety Apartment security is concerned! To adequately secure your apartment, we understand that budget constraints can make this even more challenging. The combination lock is available to upgrade your safety. Inquired of our agents for more information.

To obtain your keys Contact Tripalink Philadelphia office in advance to schedule a time to pick up your keys. We want to make the move in process as quick as possible for everyone. We know that moving can be very stressful so make sure to check out move-in instructions to help make the process go smoothly.

Move-in instruction?

The day is approaching! Tripalink Philadelphia typically sends out the move-in instruction 2 weeks before your lease start date. Be sure to check your email and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What should I do if a facility needs fixing? Who is respon­si­ble to pay for the cost?

Uh-Oh. We got your back. To request a repair, please submit a maintenance request under maintenance through the online tenant portal, and the maintenance schedule up the time with you. Identify the problem and who is responsible.

Referral policy

Prospective residents must mention the current resident name as how they heard about us upon their initial visit. The new resident must sign a minimum 12-month lease term. Both referrer and referee has to remain in a good standing during the initial residency period. Referral credits are applied once the new resident moves in. Tripalink offers $100-$300 referral credits depending on the promotion.