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1620 Unit F 2
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1620 Unit F 3
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1620 Unit F R2
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1620 Unit F R3
1620 Unit F R5-1
1620 Unit F R4
1620 Unit F R5-2
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1620 Unit F 4
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1620 W 35th Pl
Shared Home
Rent From$1,028/month
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[Earliest move-in date: October 1, 2022]. The price is for one bedroom Located on the west side of the USC campus. Its unique design style, premier hardware facility, and well-equipped software services ensure you the best co-living experience. It only takes you 6 minutes by bike and 20 minutes to walk to the USC Campus.All units are fully furnished and utilities are included. If you're interested, apply online now or call us on weekdays! Amenities: · Bedroom: desks, chairs, beds, · Living room: dining table, chairs · Kitchen: fridge, stove, oven, microwave · Utilities: electricity, water, gas, internet included · Fully furnished with wooden floor and walk-in closet · Air conditioning: cooling & heating system · Free in-unit washer/dryer · Wi-Fi access Services: · Free and weekly cleaning service for common areas (living room, kitchen, shared bathroom) · Professional maintenance team
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In-Unit W/D
Island Table

Unit B

3 Bed 3 Bath

Unit D

5 Bed 5 Bath

Unit F

5 Bed 5 Bath