UCLA Off Campus Housing: Rooms & Apartments Near UCLA For Rent

  • 1539 Beloit Ave

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  • 1450 S Barrington Ave

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  • 1265 Barry Ave

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  • 1751 Malcolm Ave

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  • Cream wood kitchen

    2854 Westwood Blvd

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  • Where Do UCLA Students Live Off Campus

    There are several housing options available to UCLA students, some of which are in some of the most popular neighborhoods in West Los Angeles. Not only are these complexes close enough to the campus of the University of California Los Angeles, but they are also near the beach and many of them have a park located nearby.

    It’s also important to note that there are different housing options and property types for undergraduate students and graduate students. Some of these complexes allow you to find bedrooms that only provide one bed while other listings are designed for a group of students. These larger listings, which are still situated near some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in West Los Angeles, give students the option to rent a studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, or 3 beds/baths units while looking for apartments.

    Does UCLA Have Off Campus Housing?

    There are a host of options for students who are looking for UCLA off campus housing or apartments in LA in surrounding zip codes. First of all, there are some options that are owned by the University of California Los Angeles. For single undergraduate students, there are many complexes to choose from, most of the houses or apartments located west or southwest of the campus. All of these complexes are within walking distance of the university, removing the need for students to obtain transportation to get to and from campus.

    How Large Is Each Apartment?

    These Los Angeles apartments range in size between studio apartments and apartments with three bedrooms which are meant to be shared by multiple students who want to experience a bit more independence by living away from campus. Students who choose to live away from campus are encouraged to share these apartments with friends who have also enrolled at UCLA. If they do not have existing contacts at the university, a resident can find an individual or two who is looking for housing away from campus.

    What Amenities are Included?

    Amenities, such as television, high-speed internet, and basic utilities are all included at no additional cost. It is important to note that not all of the off campus apartments offer parking and the ones that do have limited spaces available. In addition to the restaurants in the neighborhood, residents of the nine off campus complexes can also take advantage of the dining options on the UCLA campus.

    Are There Apartments for Families?

    UCLA also offers more than 1100 off campus family apartments. These apartments are designed for married students, students who are in same-sex domestic partnerships, and students who are single parents. All of these apartments are rented unfurnished but do come with a complete kitchen, swimming pools for adults and children, access to a childcare center, and a deluxe playground.

    As is the case with most apartment complexes in west Los Angeles, parking is not guaranteed. In order to secure parking, students must submit proof of valid vehicle registration. Once a person has submitted this valid registration, they will be assigned a garage space or a parking spot.

    If you need a family apartment through UCLA, you should submit your application early, as the limited number of available spaces combined with the high demand for them makes these spaces some of the most sought after in West LA.

    How Much is UCLA Off Campus Housing & Apartments in West LA for students?

    Housing in Los Angeles CA is generally considered some of the most expensive, thanks to the prestige associated with living in the area. While it’s easy to give up on your search for an affordable unit in Los Angeles CA too soon, it’s important that you understand that UCLA offers affordable housing options for students who want to a nearby unit that provides them with easy access to the campus as well as Long Beach. To get a better understanding of the cost associated with renting in California Los Angeles, we will break them down by the available properties.

    If you’re a graduate student in the middle of a search for an off campus property in Los Angeles CA, you can find a unit in the following areas. Obviously, pricing may vary based on the community that you choose in west Los Angeles and the size of the space that you select.


    Those who are on the search for apartments to live in Westwood are thrilled when they find out about how many cultural events they can attend when they aren’t in class. There are several theatres in this portion of Los Angeles CA, making it a cultural center that still provides a short transit between your complex and the university. The amount varies wildly depending on the size and the location of the space that you choose.

    Culver City

    Since the 1920s, Culver City has been a hub for TV and movie production, which means you never know who you may see around town when you leave your west Los Angeles abode. Most options here are around 8 miles from the university, so you will want to have access to a vehicle or you can use public transportation. If your search for a place to live while you’re in school includes the desire to be around TV and film studios, Culver City is a great option.

    West Los Angeles, CA

    Some of the most elite areas of Los Angeles CA fall within the boundaries of West Los Angeles. Rent here varies greatly based on which complex you choose and the benefits that matter most to you, but students who choose to live here get the full experience of living in Los Angeles CA.


    Mid-City is a great option for grad students who have already started a family thanks to the wide variety of public and private schools that cover the area. If you plan on living in Los Angeles CA after graduation, Mid-City is a great place to put down roots and call home for the long-term.

    Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is only 7 miles away from UCLA, if you choose to live here, you can quickly access the university while still enjoying the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. There is also plenty to do in your free time, including amusement parks and an outdoor gym that opened in the 1930s.


    If you’re in the middle of a search for a place in Los Angeles CA that allows you to enjoy the beaches and scenery, Venice is a wonderful choice for housing or apartments. Housing in this area can be a little costly because of the demand, but you will be able to enjoy the outdoor gym, the skating rink, and all the other attractions of the area.


    If your housing or apartments search includes the desire to enjoy locally owned artisan coffee shops and other regional attractions that are specific to this area of Los Angeles CA, Silverlake is the ideal spot for you. The distance between Silverlake and UCLA is a little long (41 miles), so you’ll need to make preparations to drive yourself or take advantage of public transit.

    Downtown Los Angeles, CA

    Finally, Downtown Los Angeles CA is a diverse area of more than 85,000 people. This is the part of LA that most tourists want to visit when they come to town, but you can find residential options here while you’re enrolled at UCLA. Be sure to take full advantage of all the neighborhoods, shopping, restaurants, and attractions that make Downtown LA one of the most sought-after areas in the world.

    Is it Cheaper to Live on Campus or Off Campus in College?

    When you begin your search for an apartment for rent near the University of California Los Angeles, one of the first things that you will want to consider is the amount. It’s important to note that the cost of a dorm room on the UCLA campus may vary based on what building you get assigned to, any scholarships that you’ve earned, and other factors.

    However, since most apartments for rent are positioned pretty close to the University of California Los Angeles campus, you probably get more bang for your buck by choosing to live off campus. The listing prices differ and are often negligible, and you have more access to the community that surrounds the campus. The community aspect of living in Los Angeles CA is often the biggest draw for new students who want to be able to spend a day at some of the beaches if they don’t have class or riding around Santa Monica.

    The ability to share your space and the rent with a group of friends or other students is also a reason to choose to live away from the University of California Los Angeles.

    There is plenty to do in Los Angeles CA and making the decision to pursue your higher education at UCLA is a great reason to move to the area. Los Angeles CA offers beaches, shopping, and world-class dining experiences. Since so many of those things to do are situated close to UCLA, it is one of the most popular schools among students.

    When you’re considering colleges, it’s important that you focus on more than just the price, as the experience offered by different universities is often incomparable. Making the decision to live in a property close to the University of California Los Angeles enables you to maximize your college experience.

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