Tips of finding normal priced apartments in Pittsburgh

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Figuring out the average price of a three bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh is important if you’re considering getting a three bedroom there. If you’re a student at UPitt or CMU you’re probably looking for an affordable option that will allow you to live with your friends.


One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck when searching for a new place to live in Pittsburgh is by sharing a three-bedroom apartment with roommates. Splitting the apartment and rent is a smart way to keep your living expenses low, which goes a long way in an affordably priced market like Pittsburgh.

Average Rent

Overall, the average rent in Pittsburgh was $1,404 as of August 2020, according to Rent Jungle. Meanwhile, the average price for a three bedroom in Pittsburgh is about $1,500, which is much lower than the national average of $2,017. Divide that by three and you have an average monthly rent cost of $500 per person — which is a great deal for UPitt and CMU students and young professionals.

Sharing a three bedroom Pittsburgh apartment with roommates is also more cost effective than renting your own studio or one-bedroom apartment, which can range from $920 to $1,095 per month. If you’re a student looking for an apartment near the UPitt or CMU renting a three-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh may be the best way to keep your living expenses down.

Three bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh

Neighborhoods for Students

Students typically stick to neighborhoods near UPitt and CMU like Shadyside, Oakland, Squirrel Hill and Bloomfield. Rent for a three bedroom apartment in Bloomfield or Squirrel Hill can cost from $1,490 to $1,600. Meanwhile in Shadyside, a three bedroom apartment may cost slightly higher at $1,780 per month. South Oakland is the most affordable with rent hovering around $1,500. College students love living in Squirrel Hill due to the diverse dining options, walkability, and affordability. Shadyside is also considered great for UPitt and CMU students due to it’s nightlife and urban feel. Oakland is also a favorite of UPitt and CMU due to it’s great restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. All three of these areas are also heavily populated with recent grads and young professionals.


While renting a three bedroom Pittsburgh apartment and splitting the rent with roommates is a great option, there’s an alternative option that might prove even more beneficial.

Imagine being able to rent a room in a beautifully designed apartment and not having to find your roommates yourself. That’s where co-living comes in.

Tripalink with hardwood flooring and walls


Tripalink is a co-living company that matches like-minded roommates in modern apartments that come with updated kitchens, security systems and tons of extra amenities. Not only does Tripalink relieve the stress of having to find roommates by finding them for you, but they also eliminate all the hidden expenses that typically come with renting an apartment.

Tripalink offers a three bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh for as low as $660, with utilities, WiFi and weekly cleaning services included. A typical apartment generally doesn’t include these extra expenses in the monthly rent, so you’re stuck paying for them on top of everything else.

If you’re looking for a cost effective living alternative yet don’t want to share your space with two other people, Tripalink also offers affordably priced studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Pittsburgh.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find that dream Pittsburgh apartment.