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Price Guide for Two Bedroom Apartments in Philadelphia

Price Guide for Two Bedroom Apartments in Philadelphia

Natasha Gabrielle
Sep 28, 2020

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is a great place to live. Many college students and young professionals choose to live here. If you’re thinking of renting in Philadelphia, a two bedroom apartment is a great option because you can split the rent with a roommate while still keeping space and quality.

Pricing for two bedroom apartments in Philadelphia vary depending on the neighborhood. According to Rent Jungle, the average city-wide two bedroom rental price is $2,247. That would cost about $1,123 per roommate if splitting it between two roommates.

Philadelphia Apartment with Yellow art on the wall

Best Neighborhoods to Rent a Two Bedroom

It costs even more to live in the most desirable parts of the city. According to Zillow, the average price of current available two bedroom apartments in Philadelphia’s University City is $2,520. That means, if renting with a roommate, each person would need to pay $1,260.

Many students at UPenn and Drexel choose to live in the University City neighborhood. Niche gives University City an A- rating, because there is so much to see and do.

Another popular area of the city is Logan Square. According to RentCafe, the average apartment rental price is $2,440. That would cost each roommate $1,120. Niche gives Logan Square an A rating, noting that this neighborhood offers many bars, restaurants, and shops.

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Coliving Options

Coliving makes renting more affordable and fun. Tripalink is one coliving company to consider. Tripalink’s Philadelphia rentals begin at $438 each, which is a lot less than the average price for other rentals. 

They have many rentals in University City that are only a 5-minute walk from UPenn and a 15-minute walk from Drexel. With included utilities, and other amenities like cleaning services and furnishings, coliving with Tripalink is a great move if you’re on a tight budget.

Don’t Ignore Hidden Apartment Rental Costs 

Many apartments don’t include the cost of utilities in the rental price, and they may have hidden fees like extra storage costs and parking pass fees. The nice thing about renting from a Tripalink property is they include many extras in your rental price—like on-site laundry access, furniture and utilities. 

Tripalink Philadelphia Apartment with cream couches and teal pillows

Apartment Size

You shouldn’t only look at price when comparing apartment options in Philadelphia. Not all apartments are the same size. A study done by RENTCafe found that the average two bedroom apartment in Philadelphia is 980 square feet. Tripalink apartments in Philadelphia are very comparable in average square feet.

Overall, living affordably in Philadelphia is possible if you go about it in the right way! While you’re living there be sure to check out the great outdoor activities nearby.

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