Coffee Shops in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood

Five of the Best Coffee Shops in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood

Coffee is the essence of life! Not many people can get their day started without coffee, whether it’s a black coffee or iced latte, there’s a coffee drink for everyone. There is an abundance of coffee shops in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, you can even try a different café every day to experience some of the best coffee in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. We’ll go over six of the best coffee shops, including some specialty coffee drinks the cafes have on the menu. Read on to learn where you can treat yourself to some of the best coffee Fremont has to offer. 

multiple cups of coffee on a brown table, Fremont

1. Caffe Ladro

You can find a Cafe Ladro in 16 different neighborhoods in Seattle, including the Fremont neighborhood. The rotating art exhibits, large windows, and outdoor Adirondack chairs to relax are what makes this coffee shop unique. Did we mention Cafe Ladro uses sustainable coffee beans? You can even order their coffee beans on their website to take them home with you. Let’s go over some menu items available at Cafe Ladro, you can even order ahead so your coffee is ready when you are. 

Specialty Espresso Drinks 

If you really want to jumpstart your day then an espresso drink may for you. Take a look at some of the options below. 

  • Shakerato - Double espresso long pour shot and two bags of raw sugar, shaken over ice.

  • Machiatto - Espresso with a small dollop of foam. This is a great option if you want to try this coffee drink without the initial espresso taste. 

  • Flat white - Espresso with steamed milk poured over it.

Best Coffee in Fremont Seattle

Seasonal Coffee Drinks at Caffe Ladro 

If you want to try something different then you have to get a seasonal drink. Here are some of our favorites right now. 

  • Honey Lavender Latte - House-made honey lavender syrup and a double espresso.

  • Coconut Cardamon Latte - House-made coconut cardamon with a double espresso. 

Baked Goods

The bakery at Caffe Ladro is just as good as the drinks. Might we say better? Here are some of our favorite items on the menu. 

  • Rum-soaked almond croissant 

  • Ham and cheese croissant 

  • Vegan oat bar 

  • Espresso chip cake 

  • Dill and smoked gouda scone 

  • Lemon poppy seed bread 

  • Spiced chocolate biscotti 

Croissant in Fremont Seattle

Breakfast and Lunch Options 

You can also pick up something a little heartier if you’re looking to have something a little bit more filling than coffee and something from the bakery. 

  • Sriracha, cheese, and chorizo burrito

  • Southwest breakfast burrito 

  • Artichoke, roasted red pepper, and goat cheese quiche

  • Bacon, ham, and Emmental cheese quiche   

Be sure to visit Caffe Ladro in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. 

2. Fremont Coffee Company 

Fremont Coffee Company only uses artisan-roasted, Fair Trade, and organic coffee beans to set them apart from other cafes. They have an assortment of hot brewed coffees and something that makes this café fun is the latte art! They can make skulls, kittens, and other creatures for your latte, and the best customer service. Here are some items from the menu but make sure to stop by this coffee shop in the Fremont area to try it out yourself. 

Coffee latte art in Fremont Seattle

Espresso Drinks on the Menu 

  • Americano - Made with hot water and espresso 

  • Espresso Doppio - double shot

  • White mocha 

  • Cafe caramel 

  • Breve coffee - Equal parts expresso and a half and half 

Other Hot Drinks at Fremont Coffee Company in Seattle’s Fremont Neighborhood

  • Hot chocolate 

  • Morning glory chai 

  • Hot tea 

The Bakery 

  • Assortment of croissants including chocolate 

  • Cranberry orange muffin

  • Cherry tart

You can also buy their coffee beans at wholesale price. Visit their site for more information. 

Coffee beans in Fremont Seattle

3. Lighthouse Roasters 

Lighthouse Roasters has been producing specialty and fine coffee in Seattle since 1993. What makes Lighthouse Roasters unique is they roast their coffee beans right in their café, and they use a vintage cast-iron roaster each day. It’s a little bit further north in the Fremont neighborhood but well worth the walk if you’re commuting to work and you get to enjoy the scenic view in this popular Seattle neighborhood. 

Another great perk of getting coffee at Lighthouse Roasters is you can buy the beans right at the store. Here are some popular espresso blends from this artisan Seattle coffee shop. 

All Coffees Available at Lighthouse Roasters  

  • Espresso Blend - Heavy body, anise, port wine, and molasses 

  • Washed Ethiopia Sidamo - Full body, rich jasmine, and Mayer lemons 

  • Java - Walnut, peat, and maple

  • Lighthouse Blend - Dark chocolate, almond, and cherry 

  • Decaf - Cranberry, vanilla, smooth body

  • French Roast - Smokey, pear, semi sweet chocolate 

  • Captain Bert’s Breakfast Blend - Sweet spice, red grape, and caramel 

  • Washington Wild - Molasses, roasted peanut, and plum 

  • Kenya AA - Bold and bright, dried blueberry, and dried strawberry 

  • Natural Ethiopia Guji Guracho - Milk chocolate, blueberry, and brown sugar

  • Sumatra Mandheling - Sweet, earthy, and apricot 

You can also get some Lighthouse Roasters merchandise on the website

4. Milstead and Co

Milstead and Co are one of the more high-end coffee shops in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. This coffee shop has a handwritten menu at the counter describing the various single origin roasts they have available for the day. 

What’s on the Coffee Menu?

  • Assortment of brewed coffee, including cold brew and black coffee 

  • Machiatto 

  • Cappuccino 

  • Mocha Chai 

You can also spruce up your drinks with their housemade vanilla bean syrup and don’t worry they have nondairy options, including soy, almond, and oat milk. 

Alternative Drinks at Milstead and Co 

We know coffee isn’t for everyone so here are some alternative drinks to try when you visit this coffee shop. 

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Peppermint tea 

  • Blue crane tea - rooibos and honeycomb

  • Jasmine tea 

  • Emerald spring tea 

  • Jasmine peach tea 

  • White peony tea 

  • Earl grey tea

  • English breakfast tea

Tea in Fremont Seattle

Food at Milstead and Co in the Seattle’s Fremont Area 

  • Spinach and cheese bun 

  • Chocolate rye croissant 

  • Butternut squash bread

  • Orange cardamon walnut roll 

  • Cinnamon cruffin 

  • Dill parmesan scone 

  • Marionberry scone

You can shop for merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee filters on their website

5. AROOM Coffee

If you want to try something different then AROOM coffee is where you need to go. This Fremont coffee shop serves raw and authentic Viet coffee in a beautiful space in the neighborhood. 

AROOM is also one of the newest coffee shops in the Fremont neighborhood. Let’s get a closer look at the options on their menu. 

Signature Coffee Drinks at AROOM

  • Sesame latte -  Sesame cremé, condensed milk, phin-dripped Vietnamese coffee with a sweet, creamy, and nutty flavor.

  • Caphe Muoi/ Salty Coffee - Condensed milk, traditional phin brewed Vietnamese coffee, salty creme with a rich, creamy, and sweet taste.

  • Caphe Trung/ Egg Coffee - Pasteurized egg yolks, condensed milk, and traditional phin brewed Vietnamese coffee. It’s a Viet traditional coffee with an airy, creamy, meringue-like taste.

  • Caphe Bo/ Avocado Coffee - Smashed avocado, phin brewed coffee, and condensed milk.

  • Coconut Affogato - Homemade coconut ice cream with Vietnamese espresso.

Latte in Fremont Seattle

Tea Drinks at AROOM 

  • Matcha Latte - Matcha and milk

  • Gloomy Matcha - Matcha, sesame creme, and milk.

  • Logan Lotus Tea - Dried logan, lotus seed, and green tea.

Coffee in Fremont Seattle

  • Peach Iced Tea - Peach purée with your choice of green or black tea.

  • Mango Iced Tea - Mango purée with your choice of green or black tea.

  • Peach Macchiato - Peach purée with your choice of green or black tea, and the house special cream.

  • Mango Macchiato- Mango purée, with your choice of green or black tea, and the house special cream.

  • Passion Fruit Macchiato - Passion fruit purée, with your choice of green or black tea, and the house special cream.

Non Caffeinated Drinks 

Choco Latte - Chocolate, and milk.

Galaxy Drink - Butterfly Pea, and soda.

Small Bites at AROOM 

House Special Waffle - Your choice of fillings (cheese fillings or pate with salted shredded pork fillings)

Xoi Man (This is only available on the weekend) - A savory dish of sticky rice. The chewy texture of the rice combined with all of the savory mix-ins, including Chinese sausage, pork floss, dried shrimps, fried eggs, quail eggs, Vietnamese pork roll (cha lua), and special house sauce.

Visit AROOM in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood for coffee or place your order online

6. Café Con Todo 

Café Con Todo is a great option if you’re looking for a new spot to do remote work in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, you can also network with a variety of people from the neighborhood including creatives and business people. 

Here’s a preview of some of the specialty coffee drinks and food items on the menu. 

Specialty Drinks on the Menu

  • Tres Leches Latte 

  • Salted Caramel Latte 

  • Mayan Mocha Latte 

  • Lavender Honey Latte 

  • Greek Frappe 

  • Maple Latte 

  • Chai Latte 

Food on the Menu 

  • Waffles - You can choose up to three toppings with their waffles; coconut whipped cream, chocolate syrup, vegan butter, white chocolate chips, condensed milk, and so much more! 

  • Avocado Plate - Large avocado with housemade tzatziki and hummus, hemp hearts, chia seeds, pine nuts, oregano, thyme olive oil, and white wine vinegar. It also comes with pita bread.  


  • Avocado - Smashed avocados with cherry tomatoes, red onions, herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper, on sourdough bread with a soft-boiled egg. 

  • Hummus - Organic hummus spread, herbs, olive oil, feta cheese served on sourdough bread, and a soft-boiled egg. 


  • Chorizo 

  • Bacon

  • Carne Asada 

  • Chicken 

  • Veggie 

  • Vegan


  • Chili Verde Pork

  • Chicken Mole 

  • Rajas jalapeno, queso, and tomatillo  

Learn more about Cafe Con Todo on their website

What makes the area great is that you can probably walk or bike from the apartments in Seattle’s Fremont area to one of your favorite coffee shops. We hope this list is a good start if you’re looking for coffee in the Fremont neighborhood. 

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Coffee Shops in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood

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