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Discover Fun Near USC: Top Picks for Students & Professionals

Discover Fun Near USC: Top Picks for Students & Professionals

Jul 15, 2024

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  • Top 5 Most Fun Places
  • Safety and Security are Top Priority
  • Accessibility and Affordability
  • Live with Tripalink

Los Angeles is well known for the vast range of activities it offers its residents and visitors alike. Particularly popular among young adults is the area surrounding the University of Southern California - making this location perfect for students and young professionals looking for their next home!

Top 5 Most Fun Places 

Whether you’re a recent graduate with a new job, a USC student, or you recently moved into an apartment in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to find fun things to do near you. From my personal favorites list, these are the top five best places to visit near USC: 

1. Do a horror escape room. 

horror escape room

Horror Escapes LA gives you the classic puzzles and clues from an escape room with a “real life horror movie” feel. They even have live actors for some of the escape rooms to make the experience truly terrifying. If you love solving mysteries and getting spooked, this is definitely for you!

2. Check out Hollywood’s most famous costumes at FIDM. 

FIDM has the actual costumes worn by the real actors from Hollywood’s most popular movies on display. My favorites were Jennifer Lopez’s outfits from Hustlers, Okoye’s costume from Black Panther, and the beautifully elaborate outfits from Rocketman! To make a day out of it, I would highly recommend the boutique stores around the corner and Honeymee across the street for some delicious ice cream. 

3. Spend an afternoon at Grand Central Market.

Grand Central Market

If you consider yourself a “foodie”, visiting Grand Central Market is one of the best things to do near USC for students and young professionals. They have an incredible array of cuisines, so you’ll be able to find something no matter what you’re craving. If you have an extra hour or two, walk down the street to The Last Bookstore to check out the bank turned bookstore with the most artful display of books you’ll ever see! 

4. Have a picnic and take pictures in the Rose Garden. 

The Rose Garden.

Right outside USC’s campus and within walking distance is the Exposition Park Rose Garden. Its beautiful scenery makes for the perfect lunch spot and is a great place to put on a photoshoot with some friends! Set out a nice blanket and bring some snacks to soak up the sunshine. If you love museums, The California African American Museum, The California Science Center, and the Natural History Museum are right next door too.

5. Stroll through LA Live. 

LA Live

Last but not least is LA Live, where you can go to a movie theater, see the Staples Center and the Microsoft Theater, go bowling, visit the Grammy Museum, and much more! At night, walking by the fancy buildings and dazzling lights really makes you feel like you’re in the heart of Los Angeles. So much rich history has gone into this place and it truly feels special when you’re there.

That wraps up the places to visit near USC for students, recent graduates, or young professionals. These activities make living in the area a ton of fun. 

Safety and Security are Top Priority 

Horror Escapes LA takes great care to ensure all participants enjoy an escape room experience safely, including emergency exits and trained staff who stand ready to provide support in case of emergency situations.

Not to be forgotten is that this activity may not be suitable for people suffering from medical conditions or those easily startled, therefore before participating, it is advised to first inquire at the venue as well as consult a healthcare provider as appropriate.

Tripalink recommends coliving spaces that put safety and security as top priorities, offering 24-hour security with on-site staff to guarantee residents' wellbeing, with all common areas monitored by security cameras to protect residents as well as their belongings.

Each resident receives a keycard that gives them access to both their apartment and common areas; visitors are required to sign in at the front desk upon arriving or departing their visit.

Accessibility and Affordability

Accessibility and affordability should both be factors when looking for entertaining activities near USC, including finding appropriate dining locations. Grand Central Market boasts an assortment of cuisine at various price points for visitors who make Grand Central their go-to spot for enjoyable food options at reasonable rates.

The market is easily accessible using public transit and offers peaceful surroundings ideal for picnics or photoshoots in Exposition Park Rose Garden which are free to enter and provide tranquil space to unwind during lunch or photo sessions.

Additionally, local museums provide discounted or complimentary admission for students and young professionals.

Coliving Spaces near USC

Coliving near USC provides students and young professionals with affordable USC housing solutions at reasonable costs, offering fully furnished apartments that include utilities for an all-in rental fee allowing residents to save on furniture purchases as well as monthly bills.

Also, living with roommates can help lower the costs associated with Los Angeles living - known for its expensive costs - making these recommended places suitable for roommate arrangements as they offer fun, safety, security, accessibility, affordability and user intent to best suit user intentions.

Live with Tripalink 

Tripalink can offer USC student housing or apartments - perfect for students and young professionals - along with coliving communities ideal for cohabitation and socializing in town. You will meet like-minded roommates who will accompany you on all your adventures around town!

Coliving provides you with a support network of long-lasting friendships. Tripalink apartments near USC provide high-quality off-campus living that comes fully furnished to give you everything you need for academic life in LA - keep exploring and keep fighting on!


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