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Moving to Koreatown: Your Guide to Apartments and Culture in Los Angeles

Moving to Koreatown: Your Guide to Apartments and Culture in Los Angeles

Jun 24, 2024

Table of contents

  • About Koreatown
  • One of LA’s best neighborhoods
  • Public transit in K-Town
  • Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles
  • Fun things to do in Koreatown, Los Angeles
  • Asian groceries and more!
  • Nightlife spots
  • Enjoy 24/7 living
  • Diverse cuisine at quality restaurants
  • Spots for coffee
  • Recreation and outdoors
  • Top tourist attractions in Koreatown, Las Vegas
  • Living in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the United States, is known for being a massive cultural hub. Every neighborhood in the city has a distinct vibe, inviting you to experience its culture through ample and bespoke restaurants and bars, public recreation areas, stores, nightlife, and various cultural, artistic and literary institutions. 

If you want to move to Los Angeles or you want to try a different neighborhood within the state, then Koreatown is certainly worth a shout. Not only is it one of the most culturally diverse and eclectic neighborhoods, but it also has some of the most affordable apartments for rent in Los Angeles, which makes it a popular choice for students and young professionals.

Take a look at some of the most important aspects of this vibey neighborhood.

About Koreatown

Koreatown, typically referred to as K-Town, is located in the central heart of Downtown LA. This area is no longer viewed as being just a neighborhood of LA. Instead, K-Town IS Downtown LA. Loved by students and young professionals alike, this diverse neighborhood is located directly to the south of Hollywood. Miracle Mile, one of LA’s most popular communities, is to the west.

In addition to offering a diverse and active 24/7 commercial area, Koreatown is also home to many historic landmarks, activities, and world-renowned museums. The neighborhood is popular with students of USC and UCLA thanks to an abundance of student housing, with many affordable apartments for rent in Koreatown

Future residents of Downtown Los Angeles also enjoy living in one of K-Town’s many luxury apartment complexes, which are thoughtfully designed and offer various amenities. A rapidly developing area, the neighborhood is now home to mixed-use high-rises that architecturally complement the skyscrapers of Downtown LA, all of which are located less than one mile away.

Although the Korean community comprises a somewhat small three-square-mile part of Downtown LA, the sheer number of places to visit and things to do in this dense community can be intimidating. Whatever is drawing you to one of LA’s most diverse neighborhoods, here are the top things you should know before moving to Koreatown Los Angeles.

One of LA’s best neighborhoods

Ask any Los Angeles local, and they will tell you Koreatown is one of the best places to live in LA. Here’s why Koreatown is one of LA’s best neighborhoods:

  • K-Town is home to some of the friendliest people in the state, and new residents are welcomed with open arms. 

  • There’s an almost endless number of activities, with many recreational areas, restaurants, stores, and nightclubs within a short walking distance of each other.

  • It’s a safe area and ranks among the top 20% of LA’s safest neighborhoods, according to the LA County Sheriff’s department.

  • It has excellent public transport links with the LA Metro (LACTMA), running convenient heavy and light rail lines throughout Downtown LA.

  • Apartments and rooms for rent in Koreatown are more affordable compared to its glitzy nearby neighborhoods.

Public transit in K-Town

One of the many joys of living in Koreatown is that it has an exceptional public transport system, which means that those without cars can still get around with ease. The neighborhood is serviced by LA Metro Rail (Purple Line), which has an expansive network throughout Downtown LA and has excellent links to other services across the USA.

Here’s how to master public transport in Koreatown Los Angeles.

Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles

LA Metro’s convenient rail network (Purple Line) and connecting buses, combined with K-Town’s high-level walkability, means there’s no need to own a car if you’re moving into this vibrant and popular community. That said, many of the area’s newer apartments have private and secure garages. Additionally, there are many shopping plazas with parking lots and ample street parking.

As with most cities, parking can be a bit of a hassle in K-Town if you don’t have private parking. While there are free spaces available, they’re not a super reliable option unless you know where to look. It’s highly recommended that you let visiting friends and family know that they may need to pay for parking.

Here’s what you need to know about owning a car and parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Fun things to do in Koreatown, Los Angeles

In addition to being a convenient place to live if you are a UCLA student seeking housing or desire somewhere close to everything LA has to offer, K-Town itself is a great neighborhood to stay in (and never leave!).

Thanks to primarily Korean influences mixed with other cultural aspects from the US, Latin America and other Asian countries, this is one of LA’s most diverse areas.

Thanks to this cultural diversity, residents are able to access a wide range of options when it comes to grocery shopping, dining, nightlife, karaoke bars, recreation, K-pop stores, and retail. Students can enjoy a large number of coffee shops with study spaces ranging from large to intimate and which provide caffeinated beverages with a Korean twist.

What follows is just a taste of the fun things to do in Koreatown.

Asian groceries and more!

If you enjoy cooking, then Koreatown is going to be right up your alley since there are a plethora of Asian grocery stores and markets with fresh and specialty ingredients. Grocery stores are plentiful and offer a wide range of Korean specialty products, including meats, seasoning, sauces and vegetables. Many of these stores carry products from other Asian countries in addition to typical American goods.

These are the best Asian grocery stores and markets in Koreatown.

Nightlife spots

If you’re a student looking to celebrate the end of finals or just want to go out with friends, there are almost countless places to enjoy the nightlife in this area. This community has a lot of late-night and 24/7 options available, from dining to dancing and clubbing to karaoke. These are some LA local favorites and the best nightlife spots in Koreatown, which should serve as a good starting point for your time here.

Enjoy 24/7 living

Life happens, and when you’re in Koreatown, Los Angeles, it can keep happening. You’ll always have a place to eat or relax, thanks to a broad assortment of 24/7 options in Koreatown. Here’s a quick list of some spots that will always have their doors open.

Diverse cuisine at quality restaurants

Koreatown, Los Angeles, has a large variety of restaurants and cuisines. It won’t be hard to find an excellent spot for Korean BBQ, nor will it require much effort to find something traditional or not-Korean! There’s a large number of Latin, American and European restaurants that offer quality food, ranging from quick-service to Michelin-star levels. Here are some of Koreatown’s best restaurants.

If you’re looking for the best place to have brunch, these are the best brunch bets in Koreatown Los Angeles.

Spots for coffee

Coffee shops can be found on every block. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of caffeinated beverages, from traditional espresso drinks to Korean-style coffee drinks. In addition to spaces you can study in, people-watch from, or enjoy art, they typically offer pastries, sandwiches and other quick-service warm food options.

These are the top coffee shops in Koreatown Los Angeles that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Recreation and outdoors

Koreatown, Los Angeles, is home to four large and well-maintained parks. They’re located throughout the area, so no matter where you may live or find yourself, you can relax given that greenspaces and recreation are a short walk away. Here are the best recreation and outdoor options in Koreatown.

Top tourist attractions in Koreatown, Las Vegas

Koreatown, Los Angeles, is also home to some amazing tourist attractions. It’s always a good idea to get acquainted with the attractions in any city or neighborhood where you live because you’ll then know where to take family and friends when they come to visit.

These are some of the top tourist attractions in Koreatown Los Angeles that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Living in Koreatown, Los Angeles

TENTEN WILSHIRE -  Koreatown luxury apartments

Thanks to the pioneering entrepreneurship of Korean immigrants, this neighborhood was given a solid foundation to become a great and diverse cultural hub, much like the country of South Korea itself. Today, this is one of the hottest and fastest-developing regions in Downtown LA and easily one of LA’s most diverse neighborhoods. 

Due to this explosive growth and huge interest, finding a place to rent can be tough. Companies such as Tripalink are a great resource for students and future residents looking for a place to live. They offer a wide selection of apartments and co-living spaces, which generally include amenities such as maid services. 

Some apartments feature co-working spaces, rooftop grills and resort-like pool/spa facilities. It’s no surprise that lifelong residents of Downtown LA and incoming UCLA and USC students are choosing to move into a centrally-located apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles. If you’re a future resident, student, or young professional, Koreatown has something for you. A surefire way to experience all this neighborhood offers is to move into one of several high-end luxury apartments for rent in Koreatown Los Angeles.


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