Top Brunch Spots Near USC

Brunch Spots Near USC

Admit it; there is nothing quite like waking up late on the weekend and devouring a plate full of delicious grub after a long week. Brunch is the place where you can hang out with your friends, try to relieve your hangover from last night, or take the parents for a look into the local food scene when they come to visit.

There are plenty of great brunch spots near USC that offer crispy bacon, syrup-dripped pancakes, and all the orange juice you can stomach. Some of these brunch spots even have their own twist on the usual brunch staples to help spark your taste buds. Check out these top brunch spots near USC and try one out this weekend!

Jacks N Joe

2498 S. Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Open 7 am-1:30 pm Tuesday-Friday, 8 am-2:30 pm Weekends

Everyone loves a brunch spot that serves breakfast all day! Jacks N Joe is the kind of place where you can get a solid meal that is close to campus. Try out all of their versions of flapjacks that include tasty combinations like peanut butter and banana or pineapple and coconut. The french toast and omelets are also great or go with a combination when you can't decide.

The place is pretty small, but you should be able to grab some outdoor dining seating on the weekends to enjoy brunch. Parking can get tricky here as well, so consider parking a little further away and taking a quick walk to get the best breakfast around. As one of the closest brunch spots to campus, you should be able to walk from your USC off-campus housing to this location with no trouble.


317 S. Broadway, Stall D-1

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Open 8 am-2 pm Everyday

Let's be honest; you can't really go wrong with sitting down for a late weekend morning meal at a place called Eggslut. You know just from the name that you are in for a treat. You can bet that the line will be long to get your order placed, but it is oh, so worth it!

Located in Downtown LA, Eggslut offers dishes around their love for eggs. The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is the go-to favorite, but don't overlook the "Slut" specialty that includes a coddled egg and potato puree served with salt, chives, and bread.

Poppy + Rose

765 Wall Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Open Everyday 9 am-3 pm

If you want a no-fuss type of sit-down breakfast, Poppy + Rose is the place to head this weekend. You'll find the classic Cali option of avocado toast but also some inspired creations like avocado benedict, along with chicken and waffles. The kitchen sink bowl is a great option when you want more of a lunch-inspired meal or just order the huge lumberjack breakfast to hold you over until dinner.

No one can pass up the homemade biscuits that are made from scratch every morning and served with real butter! You'll get a good size portion of whatever you choose off the menu as well. Poppy + Rose is pretty popular, and some customers have said that there is a 90-minute time limit for tables, which makes sense, given that it is one of the best breakfast spots around the USC campus!

Café Dulce

134 Japanese Village Plaza Building E

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Open 8 am-8 pm Everyday

Located in the heart of Little Toyko, Café Dulce is one of the best brunch spots in town. It is a classic bakery and coffee house that offers some great brunch options as well. The breakfast burrito is a common order, and you'll find plenty of fun spins on donuts and breads as well. Try a fruity pebbles donut hole or a matcha donut for a unique flavor profile that you can't find everywhere.

Many of Café Dulce's customers enjoy the Japanese coffee that isn't too sweet and is the perfect mix to enjoy with a sweet treat from the bakery case. We were also impressed with the fruit tarts that are piled high with fresh berries and the Asian chicken salad that is scrumptious for lunch. You know that any place with a line is a great option, but the line moves fast here so that you can get on with your day.

Dirt Dog

2528 S. Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Open 10:30 am-11 pm Monday-Thursday, Open 10:30 am-Midnight Friday-Sunday

When it is brunch time, but you want something substantial with great flavor, check out Dirt Dog. This LA hot dog shop is pushing the limits when it comes to how most people think of the typical hot dog. Dirt Dog offers a unique take on hot dogs by piling them high with toppings.

You can order anything from the BBQ-inspired flamethrower dog to the patty melt dog or even check out the veggie dog option for those who want a vegetarian option. The dirty fries are also to die for, and the dirty corn is a must when you want something fun to eat on a stick. A definite option for those who are hungry and want something that will blow your taste buds.


448 S. Hill Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Open Weekends 10 am-4 pm

Take the parents out to a fancy brunch this weekend that has a view of the city! Perch offers brunch on the 15th floor and features amazing food with an ambiance that is hard to beat. Check out the different benedict options that include smoked salmon, crab, or Canadian bacon. There are plenty of lunch and dinner-inspired options for those that want to skip over breakfast food too. Don't forget the bubbles or cocktails as you toast over the sprawling cityscape below!

The Potato Sack

3068 W 8th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Open 7 am-2 pm Monday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm Weekends

Check out this great breakfast place in the heart of Koreatown. The Potato Sack offers comfort food that will make you feel like mom's cooking, along with fast service so you can get on with your day. Check out the different selections of omelets, like the jalapeno teriyaki or the more classic mushroom spinach and cheese option.

Although The Potato Sack isn't huge, there is some indoor seating available in this unassuming strip mall location. Some other substantial meal options include the Arugula Pickle Rice Bowl, which is guaranteed to fill you up. If your heart is set on breakfast, order the french toast and take another order to-go because you'll be thinking about it all day long!


720 Virgil Avenue #4

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Open Everyday 8 am-8 pm

Other super popular brunch spots near campus include Sqirl, a fun take on healthy dining-out options. Check out the sorrel pesto rice bowl that features vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free pesto with lemon, feta, and poached egg. Sqirl has a rotational menu as well, which is a great excuse to head there frequently for brunch.

You can also order a classic pancake, get a fruit and seed bowl, or sink your teeth into the famed ricotta toast that features house-made ricotta and a trio of seasonal jams that Sqirl is so well known for.

Fleur Café

1300 W Olympic Blvd Ste 102A

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Open 7 am-2 pm Mondays, 7 am-3 pm Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am-3 pm Sundays

It is easy to miss this little hole-in-the-wall brunch spot, but once you do, you'll always be ready to find it again! Fleur Café is a great spot to fill up on breakfast or brunch any day of the week. You can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine or take your brunch to go.

Fleur Café is a family-owned and operated spot, and it shows in its service. We love supporting small places like this where you can fill up on good food and know that you are supporting the local economy. Check out the burritos and chilaquiles, or order a stack of pancakes! The roasted potatoes on the side are also a big hit with customers.

H Cafe

3200 W 8th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90005

Open 9 am-4 pm Everyday

While this brunch spot is a little bit of a way from the USC village, it is worth the effort. H Cafe is located in Koreatown and is a solid place to get brunch all day long! What is better than that?

H Cafe is a trendy and modern place to get your fill of delicious cocktails as well. You use the QR code to order, and the food service is pretty quick! The restaurant does have a parking area, but you may have to wait a while to get a table. H Cafe does offer a waitlist option on Yelp, making it easier to snag a spot without waiting too long.

Try any of the stuffed brioche french toast for a delightful bite, or go classic with an egg dish, sandwich, or the fried chicken and waffle options.

Mercado La Paloma

3655 S Grand Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Open 8 am-9 pm Sunday-Thursday, 8 am-10 pm Friday & Saturday

You can't get much closer to the USC village than Mercado La Paloma. As one of the best brunch spots that are within walking distance of campus, it is a favorite of many students and young professionals. You'll find a group of food stalls that feature a wide range of different cuisines. We love that this space is very community-oriented, with the chance to pick and choose your meal as well as appreciate the local art scene.

You'll find fair prices, a clean area, and some of the best brunch food around! If you are homesick for food made with love and a ton of experience, Mercado La Paloma is the place to go for some of the best food in the city.

Finding the right kind of brunch spot to visit this weekend all depends on what you are looking for. Whether it is an authentic dive into Mexican cuisine at Mercado La Paloma or a quick bite to eat at Cafe Dulce, you can't go wrong with any of the best brunch spots on this list.

USC campus is the prime spot to easily get to all of these places without much effort or time stuck in traffic. You can easily access the fancier downtown spots that sit high above the street or take in the smaller hole-in-the-wall places that rival the big guys with flavor and superior service.

No matter what you are in the mood for, there is likely the best brunch spot near your USC off-campus housing. You could walk to brunch with friends or share a ride to Koreatown or Little Tokyo within minutes. Any of these best brunch spots will fill your belly, help cure the hangover from last night's activities, and only enhance your experience of downtown LA.

Kristina Phelan
Top Brunch Spots Near USC

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