UW Housing: Rooms & Apartments Near University of Washington For Rent

  • 6105 Roosevelt Way NE

    studio 1 room left on 01/17/22


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  • 836 NE 67th St

    studio 2 rooms left on 01/17/22


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  • 1506 NW 61st St

    studio 4 rooms left on 01/17/22


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  • 4727 12th Ave NE

    0-1 BD 21 rooms left on 01/17/22


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  • 2508 N 50th St

    studio available on 09/01/22


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  • 5264 Brooklyn Ave NE

    9BD / 3BA available on 09/01/22


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  • 5637 University Way NE

    studio available on 09/01/22


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  • living room space, small green plant, sofa and flatscreen tv

    5216B 15th Ave NE

    9BD / 3BA available on 09/01/22


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  • apartment building exterior

    5634 Brooklyn Ave NE

    9BD / 3BA available on 09/01/22


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  • Living in Apartments near University of Washington

    Seattle is one of the liveliest cities on the West Coast, both a metropolitan center for major tech companies and surrounded by the vast mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest. Home to the Space Needle and the largest public school in the state, the University of Washington. UW students make up a large portion of the city's residents, particularly in the University District. 

    The U District 

    The university district is also known as the "U District" due to the neighborhood structure in Seattle, Washington. This is a very popular area amongst the local students and young professionals looking for a place to rent near the University of Washington.

    The Benefits of Living in Seattle

    If you love being in the great outdoors then Seattle truly has it all for you. It is surrounded by the famous Mount Rainier National Park and North Cascades National Park. With beautiful mountain scenery only a short drive away, you can breathe in some clean air whenever you please. If you're looking to escape into nature, look no further than Seattle.

    Student and Young Professional Off Campus life 

    Students and young professionals who rent apartments near the campus not only have access to the nature reserves throughout the state and nearby Canada, but also the many dining spots, fun nightlife, beautiful art, and entertainment that Seattle has to offer.

    Food Near the UW Campus

    Seattle is known for its fresh seafood and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. If you're an incoming or current student at UW, you get to try out all of the iconic food places in Seattle. The University District is centrally located so you will be close to all the best restaurants and the campus. 

    UW Off-Campus Housing for Students

    UW Students can look forward to living in the University District with many living options in the area. Off-campus housing in the University District allows for much more freedom, the ability to cook your own food and entertain guests whenever you'd like. The University District is also known for being a very safe neighborhood for students and young professionals. These are just some of the many benefits that come with living off-campus near UW. 

    University of Washington 

    The University of Washington is known for many amazing things including the academic majors offered. Some of the most popular majors include Engineering, Social Services, Biological, Biomedical Sciences, Computer Services, and Business Marketing just to name a few. 

    Moving from the Campus 

    UW students looking to move from the dorms to apartments for rent near the University District can choose to live in one of Tripalink’s properties. Ranging from studios, micro studios, and 1 bedrooms to larger co-living spaces, Tripalink has a variety of apartment unit types and sizes so anyone can find the right match for them. These University District Seattle apartments are the perfect option for students and young professionals looking for a cost-effective price other than campus apartments. 

    Finding Studio Apartment for Rent 

    If you prefer to live in a studio, Tripalink Seattle has many different studio floor plans to choose from. There are fully furnished and unfurnished options too so depending on your price range and whether you want to decorate the place yourself or have a turn-key move-in is totally up to you. 

    Apartment for rent near campus

    There are many available options close to the campus without having to move to the surrounding neighborhoods. Some of the areas in this location include University Park, University Heights, and the Brooklyn Addition.

    Tripalink housing near Campus 

    Tripalink's housing in the University District offers peace and quiet. They have everything you could need in a living community. If you want to meet new friends in the city or learn about new cultures, Tripalink's diverse community of tenants will be able to give you that. 

    Tripalink Fully Furnished Properties

    Not only do Tripalink’s University of Washington off-campus housing properties prioritize privacy, but they also come fully furnished to make moving that much easier, and it's all included in the price. University District Seattle apartments can be pricey, but Tripalink makes it easy with ready-to-move-in units, security for safety, and a range from studios to larger co-living spaces, so everyone can find their new home.

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