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10 Fun Things to Do with Your USC Roommates

10 Fun Things to Do with Your USC Roommates

10 Fun Things to Do with Your USC Roommates

Let’s be honest - college is one of the most important times of your life. Yes, we said it! And it all starts from the time you first step foot on campus. Oh, and the time you are introduced to your roommates.

Fact. One of the best parts of college life is meeting and getting to know your roommate.

With that said, many students will have different anticipations when it comes to their roommate. Some students may want someone who is laid back, whereas others are looking for new best friends. Whether you’re a freshman, senior, or a young professional – college life wouldn’t be college life without them. 

In Los Angeles, California, University of Southern California (USC) students find fun with the ones they’ve grown the closest to. Who better to create memorable experiences on campus than with your roommate?

But wait, as a USC student, can you choose your roommate? What do USC roommates do for fun anyway? Need some activities to get you guys started?

Of course! And we’ve got you covered! To our new best friends, check out this list below. 

Can You Choose Your Roommate at USC?

The ones you live with will become your family away from home, and as a freshman at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, living in student housing has transformed lives - encouraging students to expand on their interests and gain support while they study.

Before attending USC, if you have a preferred roommate in mind, you can submit a roommate request through USC’s online portal. There, someone from your group will need to create a “roommate group”, then invite the other to join. Every person in the group will have to list matching student housing preferences - including all interest programs, when finalizing their student housing applications. 

You can then add your preferred roommate to your application. Please keep in mind that roommate requests are not guaranteed; however, most new students do not have a specific roommate in mind when their applications are submitted. In any case, there is an online roommate-matching process designed to help students search for and make contact with possible roommates based on similar habits and interests – which is pretty cool.

What Do USC Roommates Do for Fun?

Listed below are our top 10 ways USC roommates have fun. Which one is your favorite?

  1. What’s on Netflix?


Netflix. Need I say more? After a long day of studying, USC roommates gather together to watch their favorite childhood shows and movies together.

Don’t you love nights like these? This is a great bonding activity and fun to do.

Make a night of it! Grab the popcorn, order the triple cheese pizza, and have the friends over for a romantic comedy. Spiderman anyone?

  1. Let’s Talk About It

  2. Roommates

Meeting someone for the first time can be quite an awkward experience. Perhaps you want to build a stronger connection with a friend you’re now living with.

A great way USC students break the ice is through those late-night talks. From past relationships to family woes - we should talk about it. These talks are life-changing.

Better yet, expand your circle. If you have another group of friends that you spend time with, try introducing them to your new roommate. This will make your roommate feel comfortable and not left out. Hanging out with common friends in a group will help create wonderful memories. 

3. Go Shopping

Go Shopping

Shopping is a great way to destress. Not only is this a great way to build a connection, but you can split the cost of items used in your room or your apartment to save some money – items like food, kitchen or cleaning supplies, and decorations.

On your next trip to the store, ask your roommate to join you! While you’re out, check out all the nearby hot spots and restaurants near campus. Explore the possibilities while getting to know your new found friend.

  1. Explore Pinterest!

  2. Explore Pinterest and get ideas!

This is a must, and here’s why! Your room or your apartment is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Coming up with some great decorating ideas can be a fun way to interact with your new roommate while discovering more about them.

Explore Pinterest for some of those ideas. Not only will your place look and feel amazing, but you’ll learn a ton about your roommate in the process. A win-win.

There are also loads of craft ideas to do with your roommate ranging from vision boards to living room decor! Find one that you and your roommate will both like. If you’re in the mood to get creative, garb some canvases and some paint and have a little painting session. The opportunities are endless. 

  1. Study Together

  2. Study together

Studying can be a chore sometimes – especially for classes that are quite difficult to stay awake in. If you are in similar classes, try studying together. This will help you to explore more concepts, and enjoy your studies. 

  1. Hungry? Let’s Do Dinner

  2. Have dinner together with your roommates

A good way to break away from the college life and connect with your new bestie who is probably going through the same emotions you are is to suggest grabbing a bite to eat together. Find out a common food interest. This can be done by going to the dining hall together or ordering that triple cheese pizza.

To add creativity to your meals, give them themes. You can find some delicious restaurants near the USC Campus. How about breakfast for dinner? I think Taco Tuesday sounds like a plan right about now. 

  1. Coffee Stop

  2. Grab a coffee with your roommates

This is a great idea if both of you are busy and are looking for a quick breather from your studies or have differing schedules. You can go for something quick like coffee and donuts by going to the best coffee shop in town.

But wait, you’re not feeling like coffee today? No worries, it doesn’t have to be coffee. You can go for smoothies, ice cream - you name it. Anything quick and easy to bond with your roommate. 

On Friday nights, USC students enjoy a relaxing evening of free entertainment at the Ground Zero Performance Café which is located next to Trojan Hall. This laid-back coffee shop is the ideal spot to hang out with friends, listen to some music or watch a stand-up comedy show.

While you’re there, you should order one of their signature milkshakes. We hear there’s a milkshake for anyone. Check it out.

  1. Go to School Events

  2. USC school events

This one is such a great idea! On USC’s campus, there is usually a ton… and I mean a ton of activities and events for students to attend throughout the semester. There are fairs, sports, clubs and organizations, bonfires and so much more.

What better way to bond with your new roommate? This gives you a chance to explore all that USC has to offer, discover any new interests and hobbies as well as learn about your roommates.

  1. Your New Gym Partner

  2. Going to the gym with your roommates

Going to the gym with your roommate is a great bonding experience. Not only will you gain a workout partner, but taking a break from your studies to exercise helps improve mental and mood functioning. You will also have someone to keep you accountable - which is so important to have if you’re in need of that extra push.

Try that new cycling class that opened up for students this semester, or explore Pinterest for some quick and easy exercises to do together. Go for a walk or a run or sign up for a dance class at the gym. Let’s work it out with your new gym partner. 

  1. Game Nights

  2. Game nights with roommates

This one had to make the list! Games! There is nothing quite like the bond you create with your roommates. What better way to unwind, spend time with friends, and get to know new ones than to challenge them to a round of some of your favorite board games.

You can play any type of game really - board games, card games, video games. Yes - games. 

Deciding Where to Live?

Whether you are best friends or are trying to improve the connection between you and your roommate, the key to building a bond is keeping an open mind and explore similar interests. If you are considering USC Off Campus Housing in Los Angeles, California, TRIPALINK can help students and young pr

ofessionals enjoy the best experience near the University of Southern California area – offering living accommodations in Los Angeles. Living with like-minded students and young professionals will help create a memorable experience. Explore the wonders near USC! Choose TRIPALINK today.

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10 Fun Things to Do with Your USC Roommates