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USC Clubs Guide: Enhance Your College Experience

USC Clubs Guide: Enhance Your College Experience

Jun 25, 2024

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  • Amazing clubs to join at USC

Joining a club at college can be an excellent way to meet new people, gain experience and gain important skills. At the University of Southern California (USC), there is an array of clubs for students to join that cover all interests and passions.

In this article, we'll focus on some of the top USC clubs to join and make the most out of your college experience. With more than 1000 clubs and organizations available on campus, it can be difficult to locate suitable options to join.

From pre-professional organizations to volunteering clubs, USC has options for a wide variety of interests. Clubs are a great way to meet other students with similar passions and to find resources and advice for your future goals. 

They can be an excellent opportunity to either strengthen skills and talents that you already have, or to branch out and try something completely new in a welcoming environment.


Here are some of the best and most unique clubs that are definitely worth checking out this year: 

Two female college students are preparing to go skiing.

USC Ski and Snowboard Team

Are you passionate about hitting the slopes this winter season? If so, the USC Ski and Snowboard Team might be an ideal club for you! With regular trips planned to some of California's premier skiing and snowboarding destinations like Mammoth Mountain and Lake Tahoe as well as regular social events to help connect fellow skiers and snowboarders on campus, this club makes for an excellent way to meet fellow enthusiasts on campus!

USC Cycling Club

Are you an enthusiastic cyclist looking for an opportunity to get active? Look no further! The USC Cycling Club provides something for cyclists of all levels - beginners to experienced. Organizing group rides as well as racing events throughout the year provides great ways to explore beautiful USC scenery while getting an excellent workout!

USC Entrepreneurship Club

Students interested in business and entrepreneurship will find the USC Entrepreneurship Club an invaluable opportunity to meet like-minded individuals while honing valuable skills. Through workshops, networking events and guest speaker sessions hosted by this club, members have an opportunity to interact with renowned entrepreneurs as well as industry experts who can share valuable advice with them.

Nursing Student

The Healing Process

If you’re a pre-health student and/or enjoy the literary arts, I highly recommend joining The Healing Process. The Healing Process creates a bi-annual magazine that explores themes of health, well-being, and science through art and literature. They believe in a more holistic approach to medicine, and allow any USC student to express their creativity by submitting their own literature, poetry, photography and art to the magazine. Join the Healing Process to help others share their story and to embrace the human aspect of healing.

students in orchestra playing violins

Concerto Chamber Orchestra 

The Concerto Chamber Orchestra at USC offers musicians a great club option. As this student-run orchestra welcomes all skill levels, orchestral instruments and majors - not just those affiliated with Thornton School of Music - this club performs two concerts each semester giving students an experience performing while meeting fellow music lovers!

USC Debate Team

Are you passionate about public speaking and debate? Joining USC's Debate Team may be the perfect way to exercise that passion while representing USC on an international stage. Members compete in national and international tournaments while honing critical thinking and communication skills through competition with fellow team members while representing the University on an international stage.

Shoot a movie

USC Film Club

Students interested in film and media may wish to consider joining the USC Film Club, which hosts regular screenings of classic and modern movies, workshops and industry events. Joining this club allows aspiring filmmakers the chance to network and gain insight into the industry while meeting others who share similar interests.

USC Pre-Law Society

Are you exploring law school admissions and thinking of pursuing a career in law? The USC Pre-Law Society can provide resources and support to students considering legal careers. With guest speaker events, networking opportunities and guidance on applying to law schools - it offers everything a prospective legal career student may need!

Dance Marathon

USC Dance Marathon

USC Dance Marathon Do you love dancing and want to give back to the community through dance? Look no further! The USC Dance Marathon club raises money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles through an annual 24-hour dance marathon that connects with fellow students while making a difference in sick children's lives. Join today!

USC Environmental Student Assembly

Students interested in environmental issues and sustainability will find the USC Environmental Student Assembly an ideal platform for activism and community service. This club hosts events related to environmental concerns as well as providing resources on sustainable living practices for its members.


USC Women's Club Soccer

USC Women's Club Soccer Do you love to play soccer and want to join a team? USC Women's Club Soccer provides the ideal environment for you to do just that. Competing against universities from around Southern California, this club allows athletes to hone their skills while making connections among fellow athletes on campus.

USC Robotics Club

Students interested in robotics and technology will find that joining the USC Robotics Club is an ideal opportunity. Not only do you work on projects related to robotics but there's also the chance to compete in national and international robotics competitions - giving hands-on experience in this rapidly expanding field!

two women posing sitting on rock with beach in the distant

Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE)

If you’re passionate about empowering young women and want to be a mentor for a middle school girl in the USC area, WYSE is an incredible club to join. Every week, USC volunteer mentors travel to middle schools to address issues such as teen pregnancy prevention, future options awareness, conflict resolution, and how to take leadership roles to create community change.

They also go on group outings to bond as a group and pair each USC mentor with an individual mentee. Be sure to check out the biggest feminist organization at USC!

Little girl with tablet at Teach for Los Angeles

Teach for Los Angeles at USC (TFLA)

Teach for Los Angeles at USC is an outstanding tutoring and mentoring organization that connects USC student volunteers with K-12 students in Los Angeles communities. Boasting over 100 members, this is not only a fantastic way to meet other USC students but it is also immensely satisfying to support youth living near the USC campus. If you care deeply about closing gaps in education while making learning enjoyable and engaging for children then this club might just be perfect!

The USC Sports Business Association

Are You Exploring Sports Management At USC? Are You Seeking a Career in Sports Management at USC? The USC Sports Business Association provides students pursuing this profession with a great opportunity for networking with industry professionals, attending conferences and gaining insights into this dynamic industry. Featuring guest speakers from top sports organizations this club gives members a rare chance to learn from those at the top.

The USC Volunteer Center

If you're passionate about giving back to the community, then the USC Volunteer Center is the perfect club for you. This club provides a platform for students to connect with local organizations and participate in various volunteer opportunities. With a wide range of projects and initiatives, this club offers a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the community while also gaining valuable experience.

USC football stadium

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a continuing USC student, there’s definitely a club to fit your interests, talents, and goals. Even though these four clubs are some of the best clubs on campus, there are hundreds more to read about and explore.

The club involvement fairs happen in early fall, but if you missed them it’s not too late! Reach out through email or social media to the club you’re interested in to get information and find out about their application or joining process-- they would love to have you! Get involved and fight on! 

At USC, there is an abundance of amazing clubs to join - each providing the chance to explore your interests while meeting like-minded individuals and gaining invaluable experience. No matter your passion - be it sports, filmmaking, entrepreneurship or community service - USC offers something suitable.

Feel free to explore your options and discover one that best satisfies your interests.

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