5 Ways Co-living is Better Than a College Dorm

Carla Vianna Aug 18, 2020 Filed to: Coliving Last Update on Aug 28, 2020

Finding a comfortable living situation in college is crucial for success in college. Most students start off staying in the dorms, however they come with many issues like a lack of privacy, space, and amenities. If you’re looking for a better option that could still give you access to social opportunities, co-living is a great option!

Co-living is a fairly new trend that’s increasingly popular among students, according to Housing.com. Co-living was also named the “next big thing in housing” by Globe Street.

How does it work? Co-living arrangements are shared apartments offering students and young professionals fully-furnished private rooms with lots of perks, such as utilities and weekly cleaning services at no additional cost. Tripalink is an excellent co-living option for university students in LA, Irvine, Tucson, Seattle, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 

While it can be frightening to try out a new living arrangement, co-living apartments offer many benefits over the traditional university dorm. Here are five ways in which co-living is better than a college dorm.

You get a private room.

One of the main ways co-living is better than a college dorm is that you get a private room.

Having a quiet space to retreat to after a long day of exams or when studying for a difficult class can make or break your college experience. Sharing a dorm room with one or two other students with different schedules makes it difficult for everyone to be on the same page — especially when it comes to quiet study time.

Your apartment comes fully-furnished.

What’s better than moving into a private room in a modern apartment? How about moving into a new apartment without needing to buy any furniture.

Co-living apartments come fully furnished, meaning you can spend more time (and money) getting to know your new neighborhood rather than shopping for a new couch.

You get matched with compatible roommates.

Co-living arrangements also have the added benefit of matching you with compatible roommates.

Companies like Tripalink erase the somewhat awkward process of finding your own roommates. It does this by matching like-minded students together. If for some reason the match doesn’t work out, Tripalink also offers roommate transfer services.

A spacious common area.

Dorm life means little to no space for yourself. A co-living apartment, on the other hand, offers a spacious common area with plenty of seating and room for lounging.

The common areas often feature modern, beautifully designed furniture pieces and decor. It’s a pleasant environment that can feel miles away from the crowded and loud common areas found in dorm buildings.

Weekly cleaning services included.

If you’re not convinced that co-living is better than a college dorm yet, perhaps this will do the trick. An article in the New York Times recently detailed how college dorms can become health hazards, yet with co-living, weekly cleaning services are included in your lease.

From exams to making new friends to joining extracurricular clubs, you already have so much on your plate as a college student. Wouldn’t it be nice if cleaning your kitchen, living room and bathroom could be crossed off the list?

Co-living apartments like Tripalink offer students more privacy, more amenities and a more pleasant living environment than college dorms ever will. It’s an option worth considering when choosing your college living situation.